Crossover Corner: Baby One More Time

This month’s Crossover Corner explores triple threat training, stylistic differences across shows, and the reminder that through it all, singers need to breathe.

The Singer’s Library: The Enduring Legacy of Late, Great Pedagogues

New posthumously published books allow the pedagogy of two beloved teachers to live on

The Singer’s Library: Singing and Teaching Musical Theatre

New resources will help both performers and educators give their regards to Broadway.

Creating a Safe Space for Students: Cultivating Authenticity in Your Studio

The phrase “safe space” is not a new concept when it comes to the world of education, but what does it really mean to have a safe space for students? Creating an inclusive and empowering space for students requires intention, effort, and ongoing commitment to growth, but when we do, we can provide a haven where students can freely express themselves and focus on creating art.

The Music Major Minute: Unexpected Vocal Literature Part One – English

The songs you sing in lessons will be some of the most memorable studies of your college years. This column will present the national guidelines for repertoire selection with lists of some unexpected art songs that represent styles and languages that vocal music majors need to learn in English.

The Singer’s Library: The Singer’s Audition & Career Handbook

Claudia Friedlander’s second book provides information and inspiration for singers on the professional track.

Christmas Review: Oxford Solo Songs

Church gigs are a staple for classical singers. Historically, these opportunities have been primarily choral in nature; students and professionals alike perennially serve as “section leaders” in choirs across a variety of dominations. Solo opportunities, however, do come along—and when they do, singers are expected to offer selections that will “fit in” with the liturgy of a traditional choral service. Where, then, is a singer to turn for ideas once the well of standard oratorio fare has run dry?

Small Expressions of Power in Pursuit of Big Change

Voice faculty and students alike may feel that systemic change is out of their power. In this article, find ways to create positive impact in your university experience.

Race and Ethnicity in the Voice Studio 

  Francesca Hsieh has had a busy four years. While earning her BFA in musical theatre at the University of Utah, she performed in mainstage musicals and plays and served

HOW and WHEN to Find a Manager

Beginning the search for a manager is an exciting time, even if a bit daunting.  Not easily found as a subject in performance curriculums at schools and universities, if at

Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Dean Southern

Careers in music are often the result of long, winding journeys, not direct pathways.  Dr. Southern’s journey is no exception. Dr. Southern’s first two degrees are in piano performance.  He had

Got Authenticity? It’s Your Bio’s Missing Ingredient

Last week Anna Manalo wrote in with a juicy branding and marketing question for all of us to chew on. Here’s what Anna asked about, “how to determine/identify authenticity for

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