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Less is More – What University Professors Really Think about Your College Audition Repertoire

Did you know that by choosing the wrong audition repertoire you can actually hinder your chances of being admitted into the school of your dreams? Do you choose repertoire that

Owning Your Next Audition

My father was a businessman and, aside from being very supportive of my career, he was not involved in the music business at all. A piece of advice he gave

The First Impression at an Audition

Live your life by design, not default. Kevin Daum   I’ve already addressed paying attention to just how important your speaking voice is to making that all important first impression

Judged by Your Appearance: What Artistic Directors and Hiring Agents Really Think about Your Audition Attire

What kind of first impression will you convey at your next audition?   You have completed your graduate degree in performance from a prestigious music conservatory. You have the absolute

Business Etiquette

It’s a battle out there for jobs–especially singing jobs. With so many qualified and talented singers vying for the same roles, it’s the little things that may stand out the

Sexual Harassment on the U.S. Opera stage

Identifying sexual harassment and knowing how to deal with it when it does happen is a tricky business, especially in the opera industry. A stage director, the president of AGMA,

Moving Too Fast: Aiding an out-of-control accompanist

When I was a kid, I loved “The Jetsons”. For those of you too young to know, it was a television cartoon about a family living in the future. They

Your Accompanist and Your Audition: How to Prep

A singer at an audition is on a blind date with a pianist. This date takes place in front of people who can give the singer a job based on

Steady Singing Gigs: Part 2

Every singer wants a long line of steady singing gigs coming their way. But are you willing to do the dirty work to get there? In an earlier post I

How To Get Steady Singing Gigs in 10.5 Hours

Are you looking for steady singing gigs? Here’s a step-by-step process that only takes 10.5 hours:   Phase I: Preparation Watch the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and pay attention to

5 Ways to Improve Your Next Audition

Often, the worst part about the audition process isn’t the sweaty palms, dry throat, or nervous anticipation. It’s the silence after the fact. The not knowing. The wonder at what

Crossing Over to Musical Theatre

The term “crossover singing” has become quite trendy as of late. Many classically trained singers have successfully transitioned into musical theatre careers. But do singers who embark on this journey