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How's Your Technique

During audition season, the only feedback singers often get is a “Yes” or a “No.” Consider this vocal checklist, written by Mark Watson and published in the November issue of

Keys for Your Next Vocal Competition

“If you fall… you at least fall one step ahead of where you were.”  – Selma Hiake   Getting your foot in the door on a professional level starts with

Preparing for Auditions – Part 2

What are general directors and other administrators looking for during your audition. Florentine Opera General Director William Florescu previously discussed the voice, the body, your team, and your materials. Now

Preparing for Auditions – Part 1

What are general directors and other panelists looking for when you audition? Read first hand from someone who sits on the other side of the table–Florentine Opera General Director William

Expectations for Your Teacher

What is it you expect from your voice teacher? Do you often expect them to make something happen for you vocally without you being part of the equation? How responsible

Dos and Donts for a Young Artist Program Resume

With limited time to grab and hold the attention of a Young Artist Program screening panel, you cannot spend too much time adjusting and tailoring your résumé. It’s just a

Great Storytelling

Solid vocal technique is critical when venturing out into the real world of professional singing. And I don’t think we talk enough about why it’s so important to gain a

The Joy of it All!

Greatness – Considerably above the normal or average.   Joy- A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.   So why is it we sing? Why is it we teach? Why

Should the Aspiring Pop or Musical Theater Singer Do High School Choir?

Tales from the front . . .   A High School choir director enters the room and asks the students, “How many of you like country music? How many of

Why We Sing

Here are a couple of other thoughts on Why We Sing. Please share your thoughts with us on or email so we can publish more of your comments

I Love Les Mis

I’m not a professional singer. I have never studied voice. I have never performed in a musical or opera or recital. I actually am a sports-obsessed father of four who

The 'Why' of Singing

Music awakens the soul. It triggers emotions. It ignites the human flame.   And you have the unique ability through song to unite, inspire, motivate, heal, enlighten, educate, and entertain.