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New "Voice Messages" Documentary

Emmy Award winning Producer/Director Martin Zied was only 8 years old, when an event at school made him cry. But it wasn’t bullying or being disciplined by an angry teacher

Milano: Day 3

We’re following JACOPERA as they make their international debut in Milan. JACOPERA’s International Debut! Milano: Day 3 Buon Giorno, tutti! While our American friends are just waking up, we are

International Debut!

By JACOPERA. Follow their regular blog at www.jacopera.com. JACOPERA’s International Debut! Buona sera, miei amici! Ana and myself arrived in Milan this morning, and although currently fighting off jet-lag, we

Refuse to Be Afraid

By Carol Kirkpatrick, author of ARIA READY, The Business of Singing “It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless.” Casanova Here is a great story

Singing in the Deborah Voigt Masterclass

Here is my full recap from Sunday of the Classical Singer Competition & Convention: Sunday: As you already know, I woke up on Sunday morning to see that I hadn’t

The Comparison Trap

By Angela Myles Beeching Last week I spoke at the Classical Singer Convention and had a great time working with talented and motivated vocalists (YAY!). It was a wonderful experience

Building a Solid Career Foundation

By Carol Kirkpatrick, author of ARIA READY, The Business of Singing I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” -Stephen Covey If you

Recapping My Convention/Competition Experience Part 1

Greetings! This post is a bit delayed–the past few days have been quite busy. This past weekend was amazing and I’m excited to give you the full version of my


Good Morning! I am currently sitting at breakfast at the hotel, finally able to give a longer update than I’ve been giving – yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind,


I’m currently refreshing the Classical Singer website over and over again, waiting for the second round winners to be announced… the suspense is killing me… In the words of Violetta

Singing in Boston

By JACOPERA. Follow their regular blog at www.jacopera.com. As I am writing this, I am currently en route to Boston for the CS Competition and Convention, and I am so

You Don't Get What You Deserve, Only What You Negotiate

By Mark Stoddard, author of Marketing Singers, a business and marketing guidebook written specifically for singers.   I know it is tough for singers to even think about negotiating because