Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti has written and hosted for WQXR and its sister station, Q2 Music. In addition to Classical Singer, she also contributes frequently to Time Out New York, Gramophone, Playbill, and more.

The $50 Week : Six Things to Do before January 1st

Don’t wait for the New Year to start those resolutions. Spending a little time this month preparing for 2013 will bring financial peace when the calendar actually turns.

Mixed Doubles : The Curtis Institute of Music and Zarett Rehab and Fitness Forge a New Fitness Routine

In an effort to help students with their health and well-being, Curtis Institute of Music has teamed up with a local gym to provide personalized training for any interested student. Read about the remarkable results many students are seeing.

Singing for Her Life

After two double-lung transplants, soprano Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick learns to breathe a third time on her own.

Bass Instincts : Ildar Abdrazakov

Bass Ildar Abdrazakov grew up in Russia behind the Iron Curtain. In his youth, he wanted to be a truck driver so that he could travel from his remote village of Ufa and see the entire USSR. When the wall came down in his teens, this desire was suddenly overshadowed by a world of previously impossible careers—not to mention the actual world, now open for discovery. Now in the midst of an international opera career, Abdrazakov is traveling the globe, singing roles from Japan to Salzburg to the U.S.

Artisanal Artistry with Alexandra Deshorties

Nearly 15 years ago, soprano Alexandra Deshorties won the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions as well as a spot in the coveted Lindemann Young Artist Program. Winning at a young age seemed to lay out success for her future. And while she has ultimately found success, it has been a long and atypical journey—one laden with thoughts of throwing in the towel and wondering where she truly fits within this career. But now with a new sense of self, Deshorties shares why she stuck with it and how she is finding fulfillment today—both on and off the stage.

The $50 Week : The Advice is Free: PR Tips from the Pros

Six publicists offer some fantastic free advice for
those publicizing themselves.

The $50 Week : Decorum and Dollars

It may be true that manners cost nothing. A lack of manners, however, can end up costing you big. And when it comes to personal finances (especially in this economic climate), the world of etiquette can turn into a minefield.

Breaking the Rules to Build a Career : Susanna Phllips

Soprano Susanna Phillips is far from her humble Alabaman beginnings with recent engagements in Spain and France and upcoming engagements at the Met, Carnegie Hall, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. But Phillips has hardly forgotten her roots, as evidenced in the summer chamber music celebration she founded: Twickenham Fest. Perhaps it’s that connection to her early beginnings that continues to ground her today, giving her inspiring musical insights and a healthy career perspective, which she shares in this Classical Singer exclusive.

Richard Croft : A Change of Pace

Since winning the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions nearly two decades ago, tenor Richard Croft has enjoyed a busy and varied career in the U.S. and abroad. From Mozart to Wagner to Philip Glass, the tenor’s repertoire spans not only centuries but a diversity of styles as well. Adding to this diversity is Croft’s longtime post as professor at the University of North Texas. And with Texas style, Croft speaks candidly here about his successes and failures—and his vision for the next generation of Americans.

Moores Means More

Offering a twist on the traditional conservatory setting and tempering academics with an outpouring of performance experience, the Moores Opera Center at the University of Houston has a long tradition of truly quality education.

The Fast Pace of Measured Work : Yale's School of Music

Nestled nearly halfway between Boston and New York City, Yale University has long been a beacon of quality higher education. But does their School of Music offer that same level of excellence to prospective professional singers? Olivia Giovetti answers that and more here.

The $50 Week : Your Financial Road to Ruling your Federal Loans

Are student loans a current reality or in your near future? Consider these ideas for staying in control of your student loan debt as well as your financial future.