Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti has written and hosted for WQXR and its sister station, Q2 Music. In addition to Classical Singer, she also contributes frequently to Time Out New York, Gramophone, Playbill, and more.

The $50 Week : Social Networking Habits That Both You and Your Wallet Will ‘Like’

From targeting ads to our recent purchases and “likes,” to bombarding us with images of things we “need,” to tempting us to spend work time perusing friends’ photos and status updates, social networking sites can have an impact on our wallets in a myriad of ways. Find out how to stay their money-sucking ways.

Lisa Bielawa : A Protracted Cinderella Story

A singer and composer shares her musical journey of the last 20 years and how the musical landscape is changing—and to the singer’s advantage.

Some Connecticut Gospel

After finding music, then leaving it for corporate endeavors, and ultimately returning to it in the end, Christopher Herbert, a member of New York Polyphony, waxes eloquent on the themes and variations of being a modern classical singer.

The $50 Week : An Even Financial Keel in Oases and Deserts

The summer sunshine has a way of elevating everything—including temperatures and power bills. As the weather warms up, find ways to keep cool and beat the heat while prepping for the coming months.

Early and Often

Early music and contemporary music can have much in common. Consider their similarities and how that is boding well for singers.

The $50 Week : Seven Lucky Budget Websites

This month’s special online-only column brings you seven websites that will help you do everything from decrease your junk mail to increase your savings.

In the Second City, First-Rate Indie Prospects

In spite of, or perhaps because of, the cyclical recession of recent years, start-up musicians in Chicago are flourishing. Find out what about this metropolitan area is making it all possible and creating the many opportunities for singers.

The Musical Galaxy of the North Star State

Move over New York, L.A., and Chicago. Minneapolis is taking the classical music scene by storm.

The $50 Week : The Richness of Minimalism

Spring has officially arrived, and right along with the sunshine, colorful blooms, and warmer temps often comes the desire to declutter, clean up, and cut back. Consider a few ways to do just that while rejuvenating your creativity and productivity in the process.

Both Sides Now : Paulo Szot

Baritone Paulo Szot catapulted into the spotlight in his Tony-Award-winning role as Emile De Becque in the Lincoln Center revival of South Pacific. Many advised him not to take the role, warning him that it would ruin his operatic career. But Szot tells how just the opposite has happened in the four years since—and how he is finding success with one foot in each genre.

The $50 Week : The Tax Man Cometh

April 15th is just around the corner. Whether you’re frantically filing or took care of it months ago, you’re sure to find some helpful tips here—for this year, or next.

The $50 Week : The Low Cost of High Morals

Sharing sheet music can often seem like a no-brainer when it comes to saving money. But is there a higher price to be paid?