Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti has written and hosted for WQXR and its sister station, Q2 Music. In addition to Classical Singer, she also contributes frequently to Time Out New York, Gramophone, Playbill, and more.

College Roundup : A Glimpse Inside Texas’ Top Music Programs

There’s more to Texas than 10-gallon hats, cattle, and the Alamo, especially when it comes to university music programs. Find out why so many singers are flocking to four such programs.

The $50 Week : Do You Have to Be Rich to Be a Great Singer?

In response to an anonymous Internet rant gone viral that claims that only the rich can be famous opera singers, Olivia Giovetti takes the writer to task, evaluating the claims made against the realities of the business.

The $50 Week : The Compulsion to Save

Learn how to curb the pressure and desire to spend for the safety and reward of saving. Recognizing where that pressure and desire come from—like social media—is the first step.

The $50 Week : Moving without Financially Shaking

If moving is in your future, consider a few factors for making the whole process financially smoother.

The Conversationalists

A soprano, a composer, an ensemble director, and a financial backer speak on the art of collaboration on the world premiere of Audenesque.

The $50 Week : Nothing but the Tooth

From traveling abroad for dental care to bartering with your dentist, there are a variety of ways to save when it comes to health care.

The Pape Variations

Renowned bass René Pape grew up in East Germany and was coming of age as a singer when the wall came down. Now he sings at the most prominent houses around the world in the major roles of his Fach. Even still, he hasn’t forgotten the experiences and lessons of his youth and how they shaped him into the artist he is today—experiences he shares in this Classical Singer exclusive.

The $50 Week : The Plastic Paradox

A reader recently asked which credit card offers the best perks for singers. Discover some options here.

American Tune

Tenor Stephen Costello and soprano Ailyn Pérez met nearly 10 years ago while students at Philadelphia’s Academy of Vocal Arts. The pair quickly found they had more in common than just music. Both come from similar working-class backgrounds and know the value of hard work. Discouraged from combining careers and lives, the couple ignored the advice. Both agree that while it does have its challenges, being together has made them both better people and better singers.

Sibling Revelry

Two pairs of brothers and a set of sisters, all in the midst of active singing careers, tell what it’s like to share genes, a profession, and the stage as siblings.

The $50 Week : Maintaining an Even Rhythm

Money and marriage can be complicated matters of both the heart and the wallet. Learn how communication can make finances much less complicated.

The $50 Week : Investing in Yourself

Natural disasters and other incidents beyond our control can make us reevaluate what is truly most important. Olivia Giovetti did just that in terms of money after the recent Hurricane Sandy. Read her observations here.