CS Music Staff

CS Music Staff

CS Music is THE community for singers, teachers, and pianists. CS began in 1986 with the first issue of The New York Opera Newsletter and later to the award-winning magazine Classical Singer. Since 2003 CS has expanded to included articles, audition listings, and events for both classical and musical theatre singers worldwide! Free online articles and listings are available at www.csmusic.net.

Masters of the Spiritual

CS Music is always looking for ways singers can perform in a variety of venues. One such experience took place to a sold-out audience June 2, 2019 at Bruno Walter

An Artist in Voice & Paint

Rina Lucas combines her artistic vocal and painting skills into a fascinating new career. We asked Rina seven questions to help us know how she keeps up with her artistic

From CS Competition Winner to Diva

Gillian Hollis’s Lessons Learned Gillian Hollis, the University Winner in 2012 CS Vocal Competition has found success and challenges since winning and she has some things she’s learned  about dealing

How to Get a Singing Job on a Cruise Line

Great performers become great performers by performing. To find performing jobs you need to be “in the shipping lanes.” Here’s one job that is literally just that – in the

Which School is Best for You?

Our CEO Alex Stoddard recently received this email from a member of our CS Music Community. Dear Mr. Stoddard, I have competed in the CS Music Vocal Competition for the

Summer Program Spotlight: La Musica Lirica

We like to Spotlight noted Summer Programs and one that keep rising to the top of the list is La Musica Lirica, so here’s a brief Q&A with its director

Tips of the Trade : Memorization Techniques

Follow CS Music’s ongoing YouTube series “Tips of the Trade”. In this installment, soprano Jennifer Rowley shares her secrets about memorizing text for any role of any size: