CS Music Staff

CS Music Staff

CS Music is THE community for singers, teachers, and pianists. CS began in 1986 with the first issue of The New York Opera Newsletter and later to the award-winning magazine Classical Singer. Since 2003 CS has expanded to included articles, audition listings, and events for both classical and musical theatre singers worldwide! Free online articles and listings are available at www.csmusic.net.

Thyroid Cancer : How a Teacher Helped Save His Student's Life

CS Music is constantly inspired by voice teachers who go out of their way to help their students. This is an amazing story about a singer's resilience after his teacher directed him to a medical need and how music directed both singer and teacher in the steps needed to save a person's life. 

Teaching Online Lessons : Six ways to help you effectively transition to online lessons

Let’s face it, you may not be up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology and you may not have ever given an online lesson in your life, we’re here to tell you, it’s going to be okay. Transitioning to online lessons can be challenging at first, there are a lot of unknowns to overcome, but you’ve got this! With a little willingness to learn, you can empower your teaching abilities and reach your students in ways you’ve never been able to in the past. In this article, we will outline six ways to survive the transition to online lessons.

Broadway’s Sharon Wheatley

When we think about this time during Covid-19 and how isolating it can be, we have to find ways to stay connected. Staying connected and finding empathy and love for one another reminds us who we are and allows us to contribute to the world around us. One way to stay connected is by sharing our story. CS Music is excited to share a little of Sharon Wheatley's story. Sharon currently performs on Broadway in Come From Away as Diane and Others. As you read Sharon's story, we hope that you're reminded that you are also a part of this amazing community–"this big family," as Sharon says. We have a responsibility to take care of each other and watch out for one another. 

Online Alternatives: Teaching and Singing During the Coronavirus Crisis

These are unknown and somewhat scary times right now. The coronavirus has created a lot of uncertainty in our community and while we don’t have all the answers individually, we

Taking the Patient Leap with Soprano Alexandra Nowakowski

CS: How would you describe the course of events that set you on the course toward opera? AN: I wish there was one “aha” moment that led me down this

Top Tips in Preparing for Your Video Audition

Sound & Video – CS Music doesn’t require or expect participants to use professional equipment for their auditions. That said, there are definitely things you can do to make sure

From Pennsylvania To Primetime: Baritone Edward Parks

GRAMMY® Award-winning Baritone Edward Parks is the quintessential leading operatic artist for the twenty-first century. He impressed audiences at The Metropolitan Opera in standard repertoire such as La Boheme, La

“Mean Girls” Broadway Performer Jake Swain

CS Music had the opportunity to chat with Broadway performer Jake Swain. He is currently portraying the Mathlete, Tyler Kimball, in Mean Girls. We loved what he had to say about vocal health and what is required to "make it." Read below all about this fantastic actor!

Humanizing Music with Composer John Beal

CS Music loves getting to know important musicians who have such a great impact on the world of music. We recently had the opportunity to find out more about film

Alive & Kicking: Empty the House

CS Music has partnered with Jessica Fishenfeld to spotlight her creative efforts to make opera more accessible for a new generation of music lovers. This light-hearted series gives you a

Redefining the Diva: Meryl Dominguez

Soprano Meryl Dominguez is an up-and-coming star who is redefining what it means to be a diva in the twenty-first century. With first-rate training and performances at Santa Fe Opera,

Alive & Kicking: A Song for Susan Smith

CS Music has partnered with Jessica Fishenfeld to spotlight her creative efforts to make opera more accessible for a new generation of music lovers. This light-hearted series gives you a