Amanda Keil

Amanda Keil

Amanda Keil writes for Classical Singer, OPERA America, and, and she also runs her Baroque company, Musica Nuova. Find more entrepreneurial ideas on her blog:

Opera Overseas . . . with Company

How’s this for a musical life: rehearsals in the morning; afternoons free to explore your highly livable, cosmopolitan city; and evening performances with some the brightest stars of the opera

Dreaming Big: : Phillip Boykin

Phillip Boykin grew up one of 10 children in low-income housing in South Carolina. Described as “tone deaf” by those who knew his prepubescent voice, Boykin refused to be deterred from his early longings to sing. That tenacity has served him well and led this classically trained singer to a career in opera, on Broadway, and in film. In spite of odds stacked against him, Boykin’s dreams have always been as big as his impressive physical stature. With a work ethic to match, Boykin is now seeing his dreams realized in big ways.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Everything I Needed to Know about Making Music I Learned from Parenting

Cultivating a business and nurturing a child have a lot in common. Lessons learned from parenting can help you grow your business.

The Entrepreneurial Career : The Cornerstones of Artistic Productions

Sometimes the planning, fundraising, and marketing required when mounting a production can feel completely overwhelming. Consider these tasks in a new light to ensure they are providing the solid foundation your production needs.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Pep Talk for Entrepreneurs

On the path to entrepreneurship, you’re going to experience some insecurities. Here’s how to fend them off.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Habits—for Fun and Profit

Something as mundane as a work habit can mean the difference between success and failure. Understand your own habits—and those of your audience—to make the most of them.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Mailing List Dos and Don’ts

E-mail can be one of your best marketing tools. Make sure your e-mails arrive, are read, and are relevant by following these basic dos and don’ts.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Opera Personnel

Read about who you need to put on a show—the essential roles and the ones that are great to have—and how they do their jobs.

The Entrepreneurial Career : A Balanced Budget

Don’t let “budget” be the dirty word that derails your project.

North Star : Kristine Opolais

Meet Kristine Opolais, the stunning Latvian soprano who won her country’s heart, then Europe, and now America. Her recent Metropolitan Opera debut as Magda in La rondine, which was met with critical acclaim, is just one in a whirlwind of major engagements for the rising star. Find out about the career and culture of one of the top singers of this generation.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Tried and Found Wanting

Awareness and careful planning can help you avoid one of the pitfalls of an artist-led endeavor: Founder’s Syndrome.

The Entrepreneurial Career : How to Start a Nonprofit

Here are the steps to turn your project into a full-fledged organization. But be warned: the path is difficult and mined with paperwork.