Amanda Keil

Amanda Keil

Amanda Keil writes for Classical Singer, OPERA America, and, and she also runs her Baroque company, Musica Nuova. Find more entrepreneurial ideas on her blog:

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Starting a project but not sure where to start? Find your place among the different business structures.

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Raising money from foundations isn’t easy, but several funders want to support artists just like you.

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Meet Sasha Cooke

Mezzo soprano Sasha Cooke honed her skills in top music programs that led to top Young Artist Programs. And while she credits her fine technique to her excellent training, she also recognizes that it’s her commitment to musical expression that sets her apart. Learn how the rising star keeps things in perspective on the road, including traveling with her toddler, and what her favorite music is that drives her career. This mild-mannered Texan may be the next big thing in mezzos, but she will get there on her own terms.

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Following the pack, like pursuing every YAP audition with every other aspiring singer, might not be the best path for you. Consider adapting a new business concept known as Blue Ocean Strategy to energize your career.

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Sing a Song of Boston

Is Beantown just a symphony and museum town? Venerable opera companies and myriad ensembles say no!

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America’s Walking City

Springtime in Boston means bikes, parks, and good times. Discover a whole host of things to see and enjoy while visiting the city for this month’s Classical Singer Convention.

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Being appreciative of others makes everyone feel good—and makes good things happen.