Amanda Keil

Amanda Keil

Amanda Keil writes for Classical Singer, OPERA America, and, and she also runs her Baroque company, Musica Nuova. Find more entrepreneurial ideas on her blog:

An Army of Generals : Being a Soloist in the Company of a Chorus of Soloists

In this second article in a series on non-mainstream opportunities for singers, conductor Kent Tritle gives us a glimpse into the lives of oratorio and choral singers. Hear more from Tritle in his masterclass on oratorio and concert work at this year’s Classical Singer Convention.

Circle of Support

Sometimes your family, for whatever reason, doesn’t provide the support or understanding you need as a singer. Looking to your fellow singers, in formal or less formal groups, is a great way to find the encouragement and support you need.

Networkin’ Time : Summer Programs for Singers outside the Norm

If you find yourself, for whatever reason, wanting to explore the musical possibilities outside of the mainstream, this new series on opportunities for singers off of the operatic stage is for you. We begin with a look at six summer programs that fit just such a niche.

The Entrepreneurial Early Musician

Read about the many ways that early music is ideal for creating your own opportunities from those already doing it around the country.

More Than Words : Making Music with Language

Professors from six major universities weigh in on what helps to set singers apart in a college entrance audition when it comes to language, diction, and meaning.