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Lianne Aharony
Binghamton , NY

ClassicalSopranoYoung Artist/Emerging ProClass of 2021
Mackenzie Ahlman

ClassicalSingerTeacherSopranoYoung Artist/Emerging ProClass of 2020
Maria Ahmed
Tampere , FI-ES , FIN

2020 CS Fall CompetitionClassicalSingerSopranoYoung Artist/Emerging Pro
Julius Ahn
New York , NY , USA

Samuel Ahn
Little Neck , NY

ClassicalTenorHigh SchoolClass of 2021
Subin Ahn
New York , NY , USA

2020 CS Vocal CompetitionMusical TheatreSingerMezzo-SopranoYoung Artist/Emerging Pro
Colin Aikins
Lower Burrell , PA , USA

2020 CS Vocal Competition2nd Round CS Vocal CompetitionClassicalSingerTenorUndergraduate
Alexis Aime
Miami , FL , USA

ClassicalSingerTeacherSopranoYoung Artist/Emerging Pro
Anna Aistova
San Francisco , CA

ClassicalSopranoUndergraduateClass of 2021
Jack Aitken
San clemente , CA , USA

2020 CS Vocal Competition2nd Round CS Vocal CompetitionMusical TheatreSingerTenorHigh SchoolClass of 2021
Zhu Aixia

2020 China CompetitionClassicalSingerYoung Artist/Emerging Pro
Olivia Alarcon
Bay St Louis , MS

ClassicalMusical TheatreSopranoHigh SchoolClass of 2020
Miranda Albarez
Baton Rouge , LA , USA

2020 CS Fall CompetitionClassicalSingerSopranoUndergraduate
Paul Albright
Malden , MA , USA

2nd Round CS Vocal CompetitionClassicalSingerCountertenorUndergraduate
Lucas Alcantara

PianistSingerUndergraduateClass of 2022
Callum Alden
Montreal , CA-QC

ClassicalTenorUndergraduateClass of Not Applicable
Keira Alejandro
Tucson , AZ , USA

2020 CS Fall CompetitionMusical TheatreSingerSopranoHigh SchoolClass of Class of 2021
Erin Alexander

Panel Auditions 2019ClassicalMusical TheatreSingerTeacherSopranoYoung Artist/Emerging Pro
Cassandra Allen
Silver Spring , MD

ClassicalMezzo-SopranoYoung Artist/Emerging ProClass of 2020
Grady Allen

Musical TheatreSingerUndergraduate
Emma Alley
Lyman , SC , USA

2020 CS Fall CompetitionClassicalSingerSopranoHigh SchoolClass of Class of 2021
Jaide Allred

High School
Natalie Almeter
Bradenton , FL

ClassicalSopranoUndergraduateClass of 2021
Meghan Altemose
Bethlehem , PA

ClassicalMusical TheatreSopranoUndergraduateClass of 2022
Lily Altman
Berwyn , PA , USA

2020 CS Vocal Competition2nd Round CS Vocal CompetitionMusical TheatreSingerSopranoHigh SchoolClass of 2021