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Making Your First CD? on a Budget

Making a CD of your voice is easy; making a good one is not. This article will carry you, the performer, through the process from my point of view as

Challenging Union Rules on Taping Legally

Three Viewpoints Singers and performing companies may not legally record performances or rehearsals without following strict guidelines negotiated by performers’ unions. Many singers would like to use these tapes to

Buyer’s Giude: How to Find good Recording Studios

Have you ever slaved to prepare for an important recording session and shelled out a ton of hard-earned cash, only to discover that your tape sounds like you were singing

Copyright and Royalty Information Sources

ASCAP A membership society of over 75,000 composer, songwriter, lyricist and music publisher members, was created in 1914 to provide the essential link between the creators of music and the

Making Tracks: : How I Produced My Own CD?

Elin Carlson spent five years in Europe singing opera and musical theater, including a year’s run of CATS in Hamburg. She is also a published composer. Carlson performs frequently in Southern California and can be heard in many film scores, including Godzilla, Anastasia, Mars Attacks! and Flubber. Recently she used her contacts and resources to record her own CD.

A Tool- Not The Tool: : Managers, Conductors and Administrators Talk About Tapes

JOHN J. MILLER MANAGER “Tapes are one of the least important elements of your package”; says John J. Miller, a former professional singer turned manager, who also writes and lectures

YOUR TURN! : What Does Your Demo Do For You?

Last year, Christopher Hogwood and the Handel & Haydn Society were in town at BAM and I wanted to sing for him while he was here, but there just wasn’t

Broaden Your Audience With Recordings

"Opera-goers often ask me how a man of Christian faith can so effectively portray operatic roles, famous throughout the repertoire, that represent satanic or devilish themes. I have no problem answering. As a Christian, I battle Satan on a daily basis. After living 36 years as a born-again Christian, I have come to know many of the devil's tactics and strategies. I may lose many of the battles but, with God''s help, I will win the war. "- Jeffrey Wells

Your Website – The New Way to Audition?

Now that you're on the Internet, why not become a part of it? Why not put up a site on the World Wide Web (www) so that others can find out who you are?

Cadenzas – Part II of Our Series on Ornamentation : An Interview with Will Crutchfield

"Borrowing" cadenzas from recordings may work for a student in training but professionals really have to have a unique set of ornaments which distinguish their performance.

Relieve Pain Safely! : Dr. Jahn Tells How

In answer to numerous requests, TNYON begins a series dealing with common medications and their effects on the singing voice. These columns will appear intermittently throughout the year.

The Language of Being HIRED

Karis, a singer in Germany, won a German vocal competition. Anticipating congratulations from her diction coach, she relates, “I couldn’t believe the first thing that came out of his mouth,