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Shifting Gears : The Transition from Student to Professional

Making the decision to go for it–to take your chances in the Big City and give an operatic career your best shot–is one of the hardest and most exciting you can make. But what’s really in store for you, fresh out of college?

Poll Quotes–Relationships

Every month CS features a poll on our website, giving you the chance to speak out on our topics. This month’s poll asked the following questions: 1) How has your singing affected your romantic and/or personal relationships? 2) Have you had experiences using a personal ad or signed up with a dating service? If you’d like to take part in the next polls, click on the “vote” button on the home page!

Relationships from Afar

Are you having a hard time handling that long-distance relationship? Bass Stan Felix addresses the issues and interviews two couples.

When Harry Didn’t meet Sally : Singers on Being Single

The month of February is filled with references to romance, but singers may have trouble finding that relationship because they’re traveling, and constantly not sure where they will be, when they will be there, or for how long. How do they cope with being single in a world full of couples?

Life under a Double Rainbow

Soprano Maureen O'Flynn and Baritone Claude Corbiel on their life together

Letters to the Editor

Classical Singers at the Yankee Game? Dear CS: There is hope for classical singers at major sports events. Two years ago Daniel Lichti sang the Canadian National Anthem at the

Editorial : Every Singer is a Business Owner

In the current issue of Entrepeneur Magazine, the editor was shocked by a small business owner who said he didn’t have time to add the Internet to his business. He

Vocal Perils of a Day job

Dr. Jahn explains some of the physical problems of working a regular job during the day and gives some ideas on how to reserve enough energy to sing lessons, rehearsals and performances in the evenings.

The Balancing Act

Performers who teach, teachers who perform – how do you juggle both? Noted singer/teachers explain how they give their all in lessons and yet still manage to have ample energy for performing

The Guerilla Temp : Part 2

How do singers get better temp assignments? What makes the difference between getting a call for a $25-per hour job, and a $12-per hour assignment? Knowing how a temp agency really works may take a little heat off singers and put it where it belongs–at the feet of the industry itself.

City by the Bay

San Francisco is a frequent destination for auditions. This month Classical Singer debuts Singer’s City, a column that gives you the inside track to saving money, having fun and making the most of your stay.

Digging Deep into your Aria

Great vocal performances happen when singers truly explore a role, and it helps to have a coach who can walk you through the process. Joseph Smith, a New York vocal coach, shows you how to begin the task of getting beneath the surface of a piece using the tenor aria “E lucevan le stelle,” from Tosca. The specific aria or song may vary, but the ideas are universal.