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One Singer’s Story

Singing is a small business, and I have been in it a long time, know a lot of people, and have done my share of small things, and my name

Singers and Depression

Raising the subject of mental health within the vocal music community has been the equivalent of lancing a long-hidden, festering boil. It is one of the last, and perhaps the

Letters to the Editor

Musician’s Strike Dear CS: I am very upset to find out that the American singer’s union, AGMA, has no help to offer singers when a strike is threatened by the

Take it Seriously

Van Gogh had it. Schumann had it. The artistic community has always had a disproportionate number of mentally ill and mentally distressed people. While illness has been acknowledged as common

Finding the Light in a Dark Place

A well-known teacher shares her struggles and triumphs with severe, hereditary depression, and how it has impacted her teaching.

The Green-Eyed Mezzo

It may not be something we want to talk about in polite company, but jealousy is a fact. Most of us have felt it at one time or another. What is jealousy, and why do singers see it so often?

Opera vs. Oratorio : What Singers Should Know

Oratorio and symphonic solo work account for a significant percentage of singing jobs. Manager Jean Seidel passes along some helpful information on the two different genres,and what singers should bear in mind when crossing over.

Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

These two conditions, while featuring some of the same symptoms, are significantly different. To help you distinguish one from the other, we present here the contrasting signs and symptoms, in lists, for your convenience.

Please note that we offer this information as a starting point ONLY. If you or someone you care about is showing signs of major depression or any other mental illness, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Beyond Mental Health

Emotional health doesn’t mean feeling happy all the time. Here Susan Gregory explains the basic principles of one therapeutic modality, Gestalt therapy.

Edward Russell White, Jr. : 1952-1998

The music was everything to Ed,” says Janice Toliver of her brother, bass-baritone Edward Russell White, Jr. “If music was involved, he wanted to be in the middle of it.”

Mental Health: : The Long Shadow of Depression

Singers' views and opinions that were collected via
email and the Classical Singer online poll

Not Alone

Coping with the ups and downs of singing