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Four Tips to Get Better at Memorizing

I remember standing shakily in front of the judges at a NATS singing competition. The accompanist began the prelude to the first aria in my set of songs, “Vedrai carino” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. All that was going through my mind was, “Will I remember the words?”

Helena Brown: Authenticity and Advocacy

“I specialize in uncomfortable discourse.” Soprano and artist advocate Helena Brown has led the charge for important shifts in the opera industry. Her path is built on community, authenticity, and owning the narrative—and showing up for the tough conversations that are changing the face of opera.

Squashing the Inner Saboteur: Reframing Intrusive Thoughts As An Arts Educator

Having thoughts of doubt when it comes to our work is a common occurrence in the Arts. Studio owner and voice teacher Brandon Marcus talks about how these thoughts can effect both teachers and students, as well as some of the ways he has learned to cope and overcome self doubt.

The Five Stages of Peak Performance

I ran into my former student Robby the other night, and he enthusiastically told me, “Hey, Dr. Skidmore, I performed with my band Friday night and We ‘sandboxed it!’” In that moment Robby unknowingly created my new favorite phrase to describe a peak performance.

Dare to Dream

It has been a lifelong dream for me to release an album. After a couple of years of working with an incredible group of musicians and engineers, pausing for a pandemic, and resuming the hustle and bustle in 2023, I finally released my debut album!

Tips from Juilliard: CS Music Convention—The View from the Exhibitor Hall

In a few short weeks, many of us will be gathered in San Francisco for the CS Music Competition and Convention. I will be there wearing two hats: One hat is that of a presenter (Saturday and Sunday), and the other hat is that of an exhibitor. 

Crossover Corner: Creating a Crossover Practice

Setting goals and saving for the future are not easy for singers and voice teachers, but they are necessary skills that “cross over” other areas of our lives. All need those same skills for success. 

Tips from Juilliard: Summertime

Recently, I was heading home on the subway and talking with Juilliard’s Director of Music Admissions, Rachel Kunce. Our conversation moved toward summer programs. Having BM and MM degrees in vocal performance, Rachel noted how she wished she had been better prepared to attend summer programs when she was a student.

Marking in Rehearsal: What Is It and When to Use It

Have you ever been asked to "mark" while in rehearsal? Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre in the Theatre Department at the University of Utah, David Eggers, gives advice about "marking" and how to do it safely.

The Mentally Tough Singer

What is mental toughness? In theory, it is simple. Your attention is on the right target. Your attention stays on the right target and your actions are aligned with the

Preparing for College

A student’s four years of high school must be mapped out effectively to prepare for a successful college experience. Having a plan each year of high school will put the student on a successful path to graduating with a college degree. Read on for one possible path that may be helpful for you to take.

Laird Mackintosh: Longtime Phantom Castmember Opens Up About the Angel of Music

As Broadway's beloved "The Phantom of the Opera" comes to a close, Laird Mackintosh looks back at the years he spent with the production as both Monsieur André, and a Phantom understudy. In this article, he shares his experiences and insights into the iconic musical.