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Amplifying Female Voices: Linda Kernohan

One of the most exciting opportunities we have as performers is to perform music by living composers. This excitement is amplified when it comes to music by often underrepresented composers. Read on to learn about composer Linda Kernohan.

The Dr. Is In: Dr. Google – The Pros and Cons of Internet Medicine

As more people turn to web sources and social media for health information, parsing out the disinformation from the viable and reliable information available becomes increasingly challenging. Dr. Jahn shares tips on how to use Internet sources wisely for your vocal health.

Breaking Barriers: Four Pioneering African American Singers in Opera

February marks Black History Month. Read about four singers who changed history—and the forward-thinking administrators who helped them. These bold pioneers left an inspiring artistic legacy, which challenged the operatic world and changed it for the better.

Choosing a College

In the United States there are hundreds of colleges to choose from, so how does one exactly pick a college to attend? Here are tips for choosing the college of your dreams if you are unsure of where to begin. 

What Can Be Done about Fewer Males and Lower Voices on the Singing Scene?

The classical singing industry finds itself with fewer lower voices professionally and in school programs. Recruiting tenors, baritones, and basses requires shifts in cultural understanding of the arts as a professional field.

Tips from Juilliard: Why Do Auditions Have to be a Zero-Sum Game?

As a performing artist, you will take many auditions during the course of your career. There is a lot of advice available on preparing for auditions, but what about after the audition? How do you prepare for that? I’d like to explore that question in this article.

Kirsten Kunkle and Sarah Melnick on Their New Opera “Girondines”

"Girondines" by Kirsten Kunkle and Sarah Melnick is a unique showcase for women’s voices as well as a moving, inspiring story about women’s bravery in the face of oppression, a topic no less relevant today than during the French Revolution.

Martin Fisher: Versatile Artist, Indomitable Spirit

Martin Fisher shares his experiences working in opera and television. Read on to learn about his nontraditional path that led to his current roles and the transferrable skills singers need in order to work in both theatre and television.

Crossover Corner: Crossing Over without Joy—Don’t Risk It

Getting “unstuck” from repertoire and activities that feel rote and boring can bring greater joy as a student, performer, and teacher. Read on to discover ways to spark joy and creativity in your endeavors.

Audition Attire: A Critical Conversation

Kerriann Otaño and Cris Frisco share their expertise from the “other side of the table” about a contentious topic: audition attire. Learn more about how to dress your best for auditions from this conversation about guidelines instead of rules for audition attire.

The Importance of Movement for Singers

Embracing choreography and dance is vital for singers, as it helps with body awareness and music’s connection to movement. Read on to learn more about movement and its relationship to your voice.

An Intimate Creation: Co-creators Nathan Gunn and Beth Morrison on “In Our Daughter’s Eyes”

Nathan Gunn and Beth Morrison share their insights on "In Our Daughter's Eyes", the opening production at this year's PROTOTYPE Festival.