Patricia Caicedo

Patricia Caicedo

One of the most celebrated performers and researchers of the Iberian and Latin American art song repertoire, Patricia Caicedo, has performed around the world, recorded 10 CDs dedicated to the art song in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese and published nine books considered a reference in the area. She often visits universities and conservatories as a guest artist and teacher. Patricia is the founder and director of the Barcelona Festival of Song. She holds a Ph.D. in musicology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and an M.D. from the Escuela Colombiana de Medicina. 

The Power of Music

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of music in our lives?  How our daily lives are filled with its subtle power?

Preparing a Classical Singer to be Well-Rounded

Today it is very difficult to survive as a classical musician, partly because classical music is being pushed to the margins of society, but in large part, because the training of the musician who should be oriented to flourish their creativity, constrains and confines them to rigid structures and canonical repertoire.

Does Learning Have an Age Limit?

I can say for my own experience that my voice and the voice of many singers I know got better after 40. From that age on, the voice, the body, and the technique are mature. Moreover, we have much more life experience that we can bring to the performances—experience that allows us to relate with the subjects that we sing about; therefore we communicate much better with the audience. We are also much more confident, and this confidence reflects in our performances. The voice and the experience of singing only get better.

Expanding Your Repertoire : Iberian and Latin American Song

Broadening your song possibilities and options will not only create greater variety, but it could also gather a larger and more diverse audience and bring a greater sense of communication and enjoyment to all involved.