Robert Mirshak

Robert Mirshak

Robert Mirshak is President and Founder of Mirshak Artists Management, the classical artist management agency based in New York City whose mission is to make a positive difference in artists careers through work ethic, integrity and passion for the musical arts. He is an advocate for ethics in the music business, and represents international artists on a roster comprised mainly of singers but also of stage directors and conductors. 1173 Second Avenue #313, New York, NY 10065  

Music Ed: A Call for Change

The time is now. This call to action is a collective move toward change for the modern age in Music Education. Here are several critical changes that must take place

The CS Convention from a Pro Managers View

A Note from Dr. Robert Mirshak, President and Owner, Mirshak Artists Management What CS Music does so well is create a community of talented and passionate people who honestly want everyone to

HOW and WHEN to Find a Manager

Beginning the search for a manager is an exciting time, even if a bit daunting.  Not easily found as a subject in performance curriculums at schools and universities, if at

Influencers of Singing: 7 Questions with Dr. Robert Mirshak

This is part of CS Music’s ongoing “Influencers of Singings” series. If you have questions you would like submitted or influencers to recommend, email   7 Questions with Dr.

How to Prepare for Auditions

You may be thinking, “Not another article on how to prepare for auditions!” We have all most likely read many of them.  What people don’t often tell you however, is what people

LET’S ALL SHINE-The Power of Positive Thought

THE POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHT What do your thoughts do for you? How are you thinking about yourself? How do you think about your loved ones, friends, colleagues, experiences? How

New Season! New Outlook!

Late August and early September signifies a new music season. Whether you are going back to school, starting a young artist program, preparing for auditions or revving up for your

Career Paths in Classical Singing

How exciting it is to consider the many and varied possibilities when creating and/or choosing your career path.  Sometimes it may even choose you! One thing is for certain, there is

Let’s all Shine!- No Fear! You Got This!

The definition of fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat”. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne,

To be Musical or to be Boring-That is the Question (Part 2)

Be bold. Take chances. Be creative and “Whatever you do, don’t be boring.”  Whether you agree or disagree with our take on musicality being linked directly to whether or not

To Be Musical or to be Boring-THAT is the Question (Part 1)

One of our favorite phrases of choice when communicating to our artists before a performance or audition is “Whatever you do, don’t be boring.”  While that is meant as a

A Good Website Can Help Your Career

In this age of ever expanding technology and the ability to have information at the snap of a finger, it is virtually imperative to have a well-designed website. A comprehensive

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