The CS Convention from a Pro Managers View

A Note from Dr. Robert Mirshak, President and Owner, Mirshak Artists Management

What CS Music does so well is create a community of talented and passionate people who honestly want everyone to succeed and thrive in their musical ventures and businesses. The 2019 International CS Music Convention in Chicago was a true inspiration; inspiring performers and music educators of today and tomorrow.

I felt part of a positive family atmosphere which, in turn, established a creative platform for learning, something we should be fostering every day.  From National Arts Award and Grammy Award winner tenor, George Shirley’s concentration on text, to international stars, Nathan and Julie Jordan Gunn’s positive and supportive energy as well as their expertise, Grammy Winning Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey, the effervescent Ben Cameron and Broadway star Elizabeth Stanley,  it was a weekend I won’t soon forget.

As a professional artists manager for nearly 20 years now I can readily say that the business of singing is changing in many and various ways.

I was heartened to witness some of the corresponding vital evolution in education, to keep up with the modern world, taking place at the convention.  I watched as students supported other students; teachers supported other teachers.  I was moved by both students and teachers through their singing, teaching and their honest search to be the best they can be today.

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Attendees learned beginning steps to take in order to market themselves, secure jobs and make money.  I attended 10 masterclasses, a wonderful presentation on acoustics, and I participated in several meetings and inspirational conversations, every single time walking away energized and excited about the future of music.

Each masterclass was unique and in every case students’ improved after working with the teacher.  I was inspired to see, in most cases, the overall atmosphere was one of support as opposed to an expression of insecurity or ego.

My heartfelt hope is that all of those who attended had the same or similar experience as I did and that we can remember it and bring it back to our schools, companies and lives.  One thing is certain; the world needs music now more than ever.  Through music we can overcome division.  Through music we can experience the stirring of our own souls.  Through music we experience love and healing.

My advice to aspiring performers is, the next time you:

  • Hear another singer, teacher, coach, etc. speaking negatively about another singer, teacher, coach, etc. remember this convention.  Be the person to inspire and uplift others through your own example.
  • Feel unhealthy competition at your school, remember this convention.  Remember how much you have to offer the world with your music. Be patient and persevere.
  • Experience or witness discrimination, remember this convention.  Remember to speak up.  Teachers, remember this convention – remember, what we do as teachers is for the betterment of the students…always.

In large part, our job as musicians is to inspire.  Thank you for inspiring me.  Thank you and congratulations to CS Music for assembling and fostering this like-minded, like-actioned family.  Good luck to you all and I hope to see you next year in Washington DC.   In the meantime, happy music making!


Robert Mirshak

Robert Mirshak is President and Founder of Mirshak Artists Management, the classical artist management agency based in New York City whose mission is to make a positive difference in artists careers through work ethic, integrity and passion for the musical arts. He is an advocate for ethics in the music business, and represents international artists on a roster comprised mainly of singers but also of stage directors and conductors. 1173 Second Avenue #313, New York, NY 10065