David Browning

David Browning

David Browning is a writer and opera lover, some time board member and occasional advisor to some of New York City’s small opera companies, and infrequently a singer himself. He is creator of the opera blog Taminophile (www.taminophile.com). Although he trained for a career in opera, a life as a technology consultant found him.

Dimitri Pittas : The Transformative Tenor

Dimitri Pittas’ career is one filled with transition. Despite serious obstacles, this kind-hearted tenor has proved his adaptability and is recognized as a force in the most impressive repertoire. 

Remotely Running a Voice Studio

As the rest of the world continues to enjoy the growing perks and popularity of working from home, those teaching private voice lessons through the web are still working out the kinks. It’s only a matter of time, however, before continually evolving technology makes this a staple possibility.

Evolving Ingénue : Talise Trevigne

With an operatic career that includes many premieres of new works as well as traditional classic productions, Talise Trevigne is constantly looking forward to the future and for her next available challenge.

Still Eager to Learn: : Lawrence Brownlee

Lawrence Brownlee began taking the opera world by storm when he won the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions in 2001. In the 16 years since then, the tenor has sung in all of the major opera houses around the world. Still at the height of his career, Brownlee is branching out, recently taking a position as artistic advisor to Opera Philadelphia, a company the singer has shared a long relationship with. Brownlee discusses his new position and how he hopes to bring opera to a wider, more diverse audience and how he sees his career progressing in the coming years. He also shares his thoughts on always living like a student, even after those university years.

Wearing All the Hats: : Singers as Administrators

Once upon a time, singers with jobs other than performing weren’t considered serious. But is that perception changing? Four singers with successful singing careers discuss their “other” jobs as arts administrators and how they make it all work.

When Those Behind the Table Talk Back

Audition judges speak up about what it’s like to give audition feedback and what type of feedback is appropriate, as well as listing many of their dos and don’ts in an audition.

Scholar and Singer: Ian Bostridge

To say that tenor Ian Bosridge’s path to a singing career was atypical is an understatement. Bostridge earned advanced degrees in history from Cambridge, wrote his first book on witchcraft, and worked in television before beginning his career as a singer at age 30. Now a veteran artist with performances at Covent Garden, Carnegie Hall, and Glyndebourne on his résumé, Bostridge has returned to writing, his most recent book focusing on Schubert’s Winterreise. Truly a scholar and a singer, Bostridge speaks about his views on art song, opera, musicology, and music history through both lenses.