Cynthia Vaughn

Cynthia Vaughn

Contributing Editor Cynthia Vaughn has had successful private voice studios in Newark, California; Hanover Park, Illinois; Middletown, New York; Arvada, Colorado; and Springboro, Ohio. She is currently a doctoral candidate and Teaching Assistant at the University of Northern Colorado.

Strategies for Success : Landing a Tenure Track Teaching Job

Cynthia Vaughn used the recent NATS convention in San Diego to talk to many sources about how this delicate process works-and how it doesn't!

O Say Can you Sing?

The National Anthem is sung at ball fields all summer long. Often you feel the need to run down there and help them out! How does a trained classical singer get that job? Whether doing it for love or for money, here's how!

So You Want to Sing the National Anthem?

It won’t bring you fame or money, but there is a certain thrill in singing the National Anthem to a crowd of sports enthusiasts. Each year, thousands of amateur and

Coaches and Accompanists : Spoil Your Pianist Rotten!

Here are a few of the many great things your pianist does for you. How you can make your pianist's work easier and improve the final, joint result.

So You Want to Teach Singing?

Joan Frey Boytim and other private teachers show you the ropes –and the ropes to skip.

Desert Song : The Santa Fe Desert Chorale

Looking for a summer gig in a beautiful location, known for its artistic nature?
This might be just what you’re looking for!

A Little Fish in a Big Pond… : Choosing a larger university

There are more people in Sarah Davis’s school than in her entire hometown. Growing up in Sterling, Colorado (population 10,000), she already knew what it was like to be a big fish in a small pond.

A big Fish in a Little Pond : Choosing a Smaller University

. “My school was so small that I was the only freshman voice major that year. Really!” By comparison, the 20 voice majors enrolled last year at Saint Xavier University in Chicago must seem like a bumper crop

Luck of the Draw : Getting the Voice Teacher You want

Even if you’ve been accepted to your top-pick school, getting the “right teacher”
is a game of chance. Here’s how to improve your odds

Passing the Plate

Experts say benefit recitals are one of the best ways for singers to underwrite their careers. Cynthia Vaughn spoke with one “stage mom” who helped her son raise $6,000 for a prestigious summer program and NY audition trips.

Team Teaching : Are Four Voices Better than One?

con*sor*tium, n. 1 : an agreement, combination, or group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one.

A Song for Columbine : Music for a Memorial

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us of the importance of what we do, and why we sacrifice so much to do it. Sometimes it can help us all to remember the capacity for music to reach out and heal.

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