Cynthia Vaughn

Cynthia Vaughn

Contributing Editor Cynthia Vaughn has had successful private voice studios in Newark, California; Hanover Park, Illinois; Middletown, New York; Arvada, Colorado; and Springboro, Ohio. She is currently a doctoral candidate and Teaching Assistant at the University of Northern Colorado.

The Wedding Singer : Making Wedding Jobs Lucrative AND Fulfilling

With the popular trend toward hiring DJs, live vocal music for wedding receptions has gone the way of Adam Sandler’s leisure suit. But brides frequently request “something classical” to complement the actual
wedding. It may be time to consider marketing your own skills and talent as “The Wedding Singer.”

Jane Randolph : On Breathing

Every teacher has his or her own approach to various aspects of technique. Renowned teacher Jane Randolph recently shared her ideas about one of the most basic aspects of vocal training: breathing.

Uncle Sam Wants You! : A Civilian Singers’ Guide to Washington D.C. Military Choruses

Military choruses are the modern day equivalent of court musicians. So says civilian soprano Grace Gori, who suggested this article. “Everybody around D.C. is aware of these opportunities,” she says, “but beyond the Beltway, military choruses may be the best-kept secret in career options for classically-trained singers.”

The Incredible Shrinking Singer : Rebuilding Your Confidence

It’s one thing to have confidence, but it’s another entirely when you’ve lost that confidence, and are trying to regain it. Meribeth Bunch is an acclaimed teacher and pedagogue, and she recently spoke with CS Assistant Editor Cynthia Vaughn on the delicate process of discovering and nurturing that important feeling of confidence.

The Connected Teacher : Teachers and Networking

If you are a singer, do you need a teacher who networks regularly?
If you are a teacher, how do you get and stay connected?

Singers On the High Seas : Cruise Ship Entertainers

Imagine traveling to exotic ports of call, singing for a captive audience, while earning $4,000 a month, with free food and housing. Cynthia Vaughn interviewed Christopher Alan Graves and Amy Van Wyke aboard Carnival Cruise’s Destiny cruise ship, somewhere in the Caribbean.

The Balancing Act

Performers who teach, teachers who perform – how do you juggle both? Noted singer/teachers explain how they give their all in lessons and yet still manage to have ample energy for performing

The Eyes Have It : LASIK

Will this popular new corrective treatment enhance your vision and your career?

’Tis The Season…To Make Money!

The holidays present some special money-making opportunities for singers, and one of those is caroling! Cynthia Vaughn spoke to some singers who are earning extra cash for the holiday season while simultaneously having a great time.

Do You Need a Tune-Up?

Are today’s performers struggling more and more with singing on pitch? Here, some top voice teachers discuss tuning problems in career-level singers, with suggestions for how to improve pitch.

“There was sometimes a foggy indistinctness, almost as if he were singing between two notes.”

“…Potent on top, but weak and off-pitch down below.”

“He flirted as much with the pitch as with the heroine.”
–Opera News

DICTION: : Making Your Words Count

Is correct diction enough? Or are there plenty of singers performing today who think of the international phonetic alphabet as the only language tool they need? Internationally-known recitalist and teacher, Glenda Maurice, writes on the shortcomings of the diction class and the attendant responsibilities of the vocal artist.

Two Stars of the Caramoor Festival Talk About Taping

Tenor Bruce Fowler and Mezzo Vivica Genaux will appear on July 18th in the Caramoor Festival Production of Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia

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