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My Little Black Book

Two New York professional singers share their favorite services.

Letters to the Editor

FEES FOR SINGERS VS “MUSICIANS’ ” FEES Dear C.S.: An article in the July 20th issue of The Nation raised issues relevant to our situation as classical singers. The article

Where Singers Live

Looking through our database we found building which have seven or more singers living in them.

The ABCs of Success

Classical Singer asked teachers what to look for in a young singer. At the 45th National Association of Teachers of Singing Convention, held in Toronto, Canada, July 3-7, we asked a cross-section of university and private teachers to consider students who had gone on to professional careers, or those who had the greatest potential for career success.

Fighting Mad

I was seriously injured on opening night doing a fight scene with an Italian whose English was very limited. There was no translator provided in rehearsals so he probably didn’t

A Higher Note : Is Your Talent Good Enough?

It is said that Beverly Sills once told aspiring opera singers that if they could stand to do something else for their full-time occupation, they should. We agree. But while

Copyright and Royalty Information Sources

ASCAP A membership society of over 75,000 composer, songwriter, lyricist and music publisher members, was created in 1914 to provide the essential link between the creators of music and the

Making Demo Tapes: : Under the Table

Singers rarely see or hear the recorded version of their own performances, unless the performance is broadcast or someone in-house bends the rules. Strict limitations are intended to protect the

Making Demo Tapes: : Finding Compromise with the Unions

The rules governing the making of tapes in rehearsals or live performances were formed for the protection of professional musicians. However, the rigidity of these rules denies or seriously hinders

YOUR TURN! : What Does Your Demo Do For You?

Last year, Christopher Hogwood and the Handel & Haydn Society were in town at BAM and I wanted to sing for him while he was here, but there just wasn’t