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Networking Do’s and Don’ts : Tips for capitalizing on every conversation and contact.

DO’s Know Your Product. If you don’t believe you have something important to offer, why should anyone else? Share Info. Think of networking as sharing valuable information which may help

Networking with Jeffrey Mayer

Singers can take a lesson on networking from author Jeffrey Mayer. He, too, was once an unknown artist in a glutted market, trying to get the attention of overworked people. Sound familiar?

Letters to the Editor

Musician’s Strike Dear CS: I am very upset to find out that the American singer’s union, AGMA, has no help to offer singers when a strike is threatened by the

Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

These two conditions, while featuring some of the same symptoms, are significantly different. To help you distinguish one from the other, we present here the contrasting signs and symptoms, in lists, for your convenience.

Please note that we offer this information as a starting point ONLY. If you or someone you care about is showing signs of major depression or any other mental illness, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Edward Russell White, Jr. : 1952-1998

The music was everything to Ed,” says Janice Toliver of her brother, bass-baritone Edward Russell White, Jr. “If music was involved, he wanted to be in the middle of it.”

Mental Health: : The Long Shadow of Depression

Singers' views and opinions that were collected via
email and the Classical Singer online poll

Point of View: Singers

Who would know better than singers themselves what works with regard to wardrobe and what doesn’t? Classical Singer spoke with Rosemary Barenz and Kelly Anderson, two up-and-coming performers, on the unique needs of singers, and we also conducted a poll of our readers. From what to wear to rehearsal, to which color NOT to wear in a concert, here’s what we found.

Letters to the Editor

Classical Singers at the Yankee Game? Dear CS: There is hope for classical singers at major sports events. Two years ago Daniel Lichti sang the Canadian National Anthem at the

Good Clothes Open All Doors

We asked several professional singers where they go for help, advice and great bargains on professional clothing and accessories.

Point of View: Management

Managers and general directors have strong opinions about a singer’s packaging. Singers, however, are not always open to their suggestions. Whether you agree or not, you had better know what they think is a hireable package and what isn’t. Classical Singer spoke with several managers and GD’s and found some interesting similarities, and equally interesting differences.

Move Over, Die Zauberflöte

Another late Mozart opera, newly discovered, is likely to become standard repertoire.

A Singer’s Life In….

Do you have to live in New York City to have a career? Professional and emerging professional singers from around the world talk about where they live and work.