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AGMA -The Union Privilege

In our interview with AGMA this month, they mentioned their participation in, “Union Privilege.” No one on our staff had heard about it and no singers we contacted had heard about it either, so CS contacted the company itself and received some very exciting and helpful information.

AGMA: The Chorus Perspective

At New York City Opera AGMA has done much to make the job attractive. Below is a CS interview with Boyd Schlaefer, NYCO chorus men’s representative

Unions – The Golden Rule

Rule One expresses the very power of a union.
Will it work for classical singers?

Unions–The Way We Are

While CS’s opinion poll may not be representative of every member and the dissatisfied are more quick to respond, these opinions reveal significant evidence of frustration

Unions–The Way We Were

In terms of protection for the singer, we’ve come a long way. In the first two of three parts of our exploration of the unions, we examine working conditions for the singer, then and now.

News and Trends : What's happening in the World of Opera

GROVE’s–ONLINE Tired of going to the library to look up a composer or opera in Grove’s? Always wanted your own copy? The online version of The New Grove Dictionary of

View From the Inside : Singers on Education-The CS Poll

What are Singers saying about Education? Read the Poll to find out!

View From the Top : General Directors on Education

Along with singers, CS conducted a poll of opera company general directors to get their insights
on what today’s performers are demonstrating in terms of education. The results may surprise you…

Painting your Own Colors : A Conversation with Maria Spacagna

In a warm and very candid interview, soprano Maria Spacagna discusses success, art, and family with Maria Zouves.

Survival of the Fairest : Botox and wrinkle removal

We spoke with two singers who had the procedure done, one in New York City and one in Los Angeles, to get their reactions.

Tips from the Trenches : Susan Razavi, Alta Classica

Soprano Susan Razavi is the founder of Alta Classica, a Manhattan company promoting classical Spanish music and zarzuela. Alta Classica features three performances per year, along with a vocal competition, master classes and an arts education performance. With a history of performance success and grant-writing experience, Susan gives some of her tips to singers thinking about starting their own company .

Nonprofits Without the Mystery : What It All Means

Incorporation as a nonprofit company need not be quite as daunting a task if you go into it with all the information you can find, knowing what to expect. Here are a few tips.