Brian Manternach

Brian Manternach

Brian Manternach, D.M., is an assistant professor at the University of Utah Department of Theatre and a research associate at the National Center for Voice and Speech. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Singing and he blogs at Visit for more information. 

Home Bass : Samuel Ramey Returns to His Alma Mater as Artist-in-Residence

Legendary bass Samuel Ramey began his operatic training at Wichita State University. Now decades later, after an international career for the record books, Ramey is returning to where it all began, this time as teacher rather than student. Find out what led him to approach WSU about a professorship, what WSU did to make his teaching position possible, and how faculty and students feel about the new addition to their teaching staff.

Voice Lessons… via Video Conference

As voice teachers and singers look to use technology to their advantage, one voice teacher tries out a lesson via Skype.

Music Theatre Degree Programs : BM vs BFA

Crossing over into musical theatre, whether the occasional foray or a lengthier exploration, is becoming more and more popular for the classical singer. This month we take a look at musical theatre degrees, what they have to offer, and what the ever increasing number of programs means for potential students.

Gender Bender : Is It Best to Study with Your Own Voice Type?

A major factor for prospective students when selecting a college is finding a good teacher. When making that important decision, should gender and voice type factor in? Or can good teachers effectively teach across genders and voice types? Singers and teachers weigh in.

Put Me In, Coach : The Role of the Vocal Coach in Young Artist Programs

Four coaches from Young Artist Programs share what their job entails, how they strive to inspire singers, and what they think singers need to be accepted to and find success in a Young Artist Program.

In Memoriam : Paul Kiesgen and Lessons on Listening

In April we lost a giant in our field. Paul Kiesgen (1941-2011) was professor of music at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music where he taught studio voice and graduate courses in vocal pedagogy. He traveled the world in his career as performer and pedagogue and wrote for Journal of Singing (for which he served as a member of the editorial board), Choral Journal, Vox Humana (the official journal of the German Voice Teaching Association), and Classical Singer magazine.

A singer remembers his former teacher and the legacy he left behind.

Finding Your Voice at Bard College Conservatory

Dawn Upshaw and students from the Graduate Vocal Arts Program at Bard College Conservatory of Music wowed attendees at the 2010 Classical Singer Convention last May. Find out what makes this program so unique and what they are doing to produce a new generation of complete artists.

Handled with Care : Dolora Zajick and the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices

Mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick has had one of the most successful and long-running careers of any singer in recent decades. That success came after overcoming significant obstacles due to the size of her dramatic voice. Now, Zajick is determined to help the next generation of dramatic voices encounter fewer hurdles on the road to success than she did. Her ideas are revolutionary, including working on significant operatic repertoire with singers still in high school. But Zajick insists that when handled with care, these voices will thrive.

Recent Winners of the Met National Council Auditions Tell All

What does it take to achieve success in the Met Auditions? How should singers prepare and what should they expect? Last year’s five winners talk about their experiences and what impact winning the competition has had on their careers.

Making a Lasting Career : Conductor Joseph Rescigno Tells How

Conductor Joseph Rescigno certainly knows about longevity, not only for his own lengthy career with Florentine Opera, but also in watching others’ careers last or fade. Rescigno shares his beliefs about the secrets to a long career, his feelings about the new Young Artist Program at the Florentine, and his optimism about the current opera scene in the United States.

Cedar Rapids Opera Theater : Ten Years of Bringing Professional Opera to Eastern Iowa

Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre’s Young Artist Program is providing terrific opportunities for singers to work alongside seasoned professionals and learn the ropes of the business.

Staying Physically and Mentally Well

In conjunction with the A.M. Business Series, ProSeries attendees can also join in the A.M. Health Series classes offered each morning of the convention. Read what this year’s four presenters will offer to help you better both your physical and mental health.