Summer Program


Liesing, Austria, AUT

Style & Level

Quick Facts

  • Next Program Date: 06/25/23 - 07/09/23
  • Tuition Fee ($USD): €2,300 to €2,510



General Tuition: €1400

General tuition covers faculty & coaching fees

Use of facilities


Excursion travel within Austria.

Meal plan: €400

lunch & dinner, does not include alcohol or special drinks; dessert included, specialty desserts available at additional cost

please note that there may be up to three meals outside of the regular meal plan. This is an opportunity to explore additional restaurants in the valley or gather some friends together to cook. The approximate cost per meal is €13.

Application fee: $50 (through our online application platform, Acceptd)

Munich airport bus (round trip): €130

Housing costs for the duration (includes breakfast) range from €420 to €630

TOTAL COSTS FOR FULL PARTICIPANTS approximately (not including airfare): €2,300 to €2,510

Apply online at:

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