Summer Program

Ameropa International Chamber Music Festival and C

Ameropa Music

Prague, CZE

Style & Level

High School

Quick Facts

  • Next Program Date: 07/12/24 - 07/21/24
  • Tuition Fee ($USD): 6000 Euros


The Solo Master Classes take place one week before the Chamber music festival. The location is Brandýs nad Labem, about 20 minutes outside of Prague easily reached by public transportation. During this week, the participants get five private lessons, possibility to prepare performance for concert with pianist, plus there are Master classes for each instrument. Participants can also attend creative workshops focused on all music instruments on Ameropa courses. Solo week is the perfect opportunity to concentrate on one´s individual playing, prepare the parts for the coming Chamber music festival on the following week, and to elect the players into the orchestra. The Solo week will be opened by a faculty concert, followed by guest concert, and closed by three concerts of participants. Program details and solo faculty profiles you can find here.

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