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Young Artist Program
Aspen, CO USA
Young Artist Program

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Founded in 1949, the Aspen Music Festival and School is regarded as one of the top classical music festivals in the United States, noted both for its concert programming and its musical training of mostly young-adult music students. The typical eight-week summer season includes more than 400 classical music events—including concerts by five orchestras, solo and chamber music performances, fully staged opera productions, master classes, lectures, and children’s programming—and brings in 100,000 audience members. In the winter, the AMFS presents a small series of recitals and Metropolitan Opera Live in HD screenings.


Adopted March 2015 by the Board of Trustees in the Long Range Plan

The Aspen Music Festival and School’s mission is to be the preeminent summer institution of classical music education, performances, and presentations; to be transformational and inspirational for all involved; to be innovative and a catalyst for change in the world of music, while drawing on and respecting its great traditions.

A school unique in its teaching practice and philosophy, inspiring every student through study and performance;

A magnet for the highest-quality students, artist-faculty, and guest artists;

A center for great musical performances, where listeners enrich their enjoyment of music;

A force for positive change in the world of music.

All in the context of respecting and nurturing the Aspen Idea and the Aspen community, celebrating the union of mind, body, and spirit through the art of music.

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