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Ace Your Oratorio Audition

Auditioning for a solo position in an oratorio? Here are some tips from Lyndon Woodside, conductor of the Oratorio Society of New York, on what to sing, what to wear, and what to do.

’Tis The Season…To Make Money!

The holidays present some special money-making opportunities for singers, and one of those is caroling! Cynthia Vaughn spoke to some singers who are earning extra cash for the holiday season while simultaneously having a great time.

MENTORS–Continuing the Circle

Like Sherrill Milnes, many singers, conductors, coaches and teachers had mentors as they made their way up the career ladder. Now they are completing the circle: giving back to the field by working with singers in a mentoring capacity.

Scenes From A Life

Sherrill Milnes on performing, mentoring,
and passing along a lifetime’s worth of memories

Singing On the Edge of the Spotlight

There are a lot of alternatives open to singers besides front and center stage. One of those is singing in a professional opera chorus. Lina Cotman spoke with several Metropolitan Opera choristers to find out what they think of life upstage left.

Trouble for NYCO

Age discrimination allegations plus AGMA insurance news

Vitamin Therapy and Singers

Our society seems to be growing more and more aware of homeopathic treatments and natural diets and remedies. What should we be aware of when we reach for that megadose of vitamin C? Dr. Jahn explains in this month’s column.

The Social Value of Our Talents

For some people, philanthropy starts early. Here is one college student’s experiences performing on behalf of the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation.

MASSAGE: : Luxury or Essential Career Tool?

Is regular massage an extravagance, or an investment in your own peace of mind as a busy singer? Singers and massage therapists discuss massage as anything from an occasional splurge to an integral part of their physical routine.

From Famine to Feast

Say the word “budget,” and you can clear a room of companions in 10 seconds flat. Few of us really want to think about budgeting, and we may even consider ourselves to be doing well to have a savings account. But with a bit of work, some patience, and a helping of frugality, it is possible not only to survive, but thrive as a single-income singer. One thing to bear in mind is that singers aren’t like other wage-earners! Our income arrives in fits and starts, and we may have a great month followed by three very lean ones. This feast-or-famine reality is all the more reason to be aware of your financial situation, warts and all. We found a singer who has performed in Europe and many theaters in the United States, but who has the income of a struggling singer and still manages to save. She isn’t a financial professional, but she is savvy, determined, and very practical.

DICTION: : Making Your Words Count

Is correct diction enough? Or are there plenty of singers performing today who think of the international phonetic alphabet as the only language tool they need? Internationally-known recitalist and teacher, Glenda Maurice, writes on the shortcomings of the diction class and the attendant responsibilities of the vocal artist.

Wesley Balk: : Impact On Any Level

In the August 1990 issue of The New York Opera Newsletter, we featured an interview with Wesley Balk, who at the time was about to publish his fourth book on the singer/actor process, entitled The Radiant Performer [University of Minnesota Press, 1986, $18.95]. In an encore presentation of that interview, Balk’s philosophies speak quite specifically to the process of singers’ communication.