Valerie White Williams

Valerie White Williams

Valerie White Williams is a Seattle-based singer, voice teacher, lecturer, and writer. A featured presenter at the 2005 Classical Singer Convention in New York City, Williams taught classes on “Promoting Your Teaching Studio” and has since then lectured on vocal health and internet marketing for musicians. Visit Williams online at to learn more about her singing career and for information about her voice studio.

Alyson Cambridge : Fashioning Her Unique Path

Soprano Alyson Cambridge’s career path has been typical in many respects—she graduated from Oberlin and the Curtis Institute and won the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. But her distinct and unique career choices have been less than traditional. Putting aside the advice of many to avoid pigeonholing herself in African-American roles, Cambridge has embraced her heritage and the music she loves with exciting career results. She also continues to pursue crossover work, modeling, acting, and more—again disregarding assumptions about brand dilution and instead choosing to focus on her strengths and passions. So far, following her instincts is paying big dividends.

Performing Parents and Their Teens : Putting It All Together

The competing needs of teens and performing careers needn’t be at odds. Singers and their teens share how they work together, communicate, and define priorities.

Women of Undaunted Courage : The Female Impresarios

Three women who have crossed over into the predominantly male, administrative side of opera discuss what it’s like being an impresario.

The State of Our Business Today : Opera Companies

CS continues its series on how the industry is responding to the economic challenges of the last year. This month read what opera companies are doing to survive and how it’s affecting singers.

The State of Our Business Today : Young Artist Programs

This article begins a new series designed to address the changing economic climate and how it affects singers at every level of the business. Beginning with Young Artist Programs (YAPs), continuing on to opera companies of every level, and including summer festivals, concert work, and choral singing, this series will provide information to help you make informed decisions necessary to not only survive but thrive.

Charisma : What It is and How to Get It

Charisma, stage presence, star power, the X Factor. These terms all describe that elusive quality that draws people to a performer or a work of art. Everyone wants it. But is it something you either have or don’t have, or is it possible to learn? Read what four industry professionals, all of whom will be at the Classical Singer Convention in Chicago this May participating in the Audition Feedback Experience, have to say on the topic.

Natural Alternatives to Botox

Can singers find other alternatives to eliminating and preventing wrinkles than Botox or cosmetic surgery? Read about several natural alternatives and hear from singers who have tried them.

Reality TV and the Classical Singer

Do singing-related reality TV shows hold any opportunities for classically trained singers? A singer shares how she got a personal invitation to audition for one such program, and her experience venturing into a world she never thought she would enter.

Starting Out At A Two-Year College : A Viable Option

For financial, scholastic, or other reasons, not all singers start out at four-year schools. What are the pros of starting at a two-year college, and how can you prepare yourself in those two years to move on to a bigger school? Professors and students weigh in on the issue.

Singing Parents’ Survival Guide

The rigors of a singing career can make successful parenting a difficult task. One singer, who says that parenting chose her, offers seven sound principles to aid in this challenging but rewarding endeavor. From assessing your values to finding creative ways to practice, here are some terrific tips and tools for every singer who is also a parent.

Starting a Studio from Scratch

Can you imagine starting a vocal studio from scratch in an urban area? Valerie Williams has done it successfully four different times and she's coming to the CS Convention to tell you how. Here are a few tips to get you started.