Neil Semer

Neil Semer

Neil Semer teaches voice in New York, Toronto, Paris, London, Basel, and throughout Germany. His summer vocal institute in Germany is in its 14th year. His students sing in all the greatest opera houses in the world and on Broadway. He enjoys correspondence.

To Belt or Not to Belt: Does Musical Theatre Damage Your Voice?

Is Musical Theatre Singing Damaging to the Classical Voice? Works written for the musical theatre vary greatly in style, some of which are more in sync with the opulent legato,

The Teacher’s Corner : What Is Control?

A voice teacher and founder of a summer program for the last 14 years in Aub and Coesfeld, Germany, Neil Semer essays on the singer’s desire for control. Is control good or bad? Is it really necessary for the singer? And, if so, how do you achieve it?

Are You a Plan A or Plan B Singer?

One of the favorites at the Classical Singer Convention, Neil Semer here helps singers reach beyond the ordinary.

Musical Theatre Singing for the Classical Singer

Neil Semer’s summer program and master classes across the country are well known. Here he speaks of the possible role that musical theatre can play in the life of a classical singer.

Applying Chiaroscuro to Your Art and Your Life

Singers and teachers who understand chiaroscuro and who know how to produce this kind of a tone in themselves and in their students are very rare. Here, a noted voice teacher explains the balance of bright and dark singing, applying it to other aspects of life as well.