Lisa Houston

Lisa Houston

Lisa Houston is a writer and dramatic soprano who divides her time between Berlin and Berkeley. She recently performed Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder with the Kensington Symphony Orchestra and the title role in The Last Diva on Broadway with the Leipzig Kammeroper. She can be reached at

Inspirazione! : Opera's Most Generous Moments

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many singers. It can be either an overwhelming or a gratifying time, and often both. It raises a host of questions regarding how best to allocate vocal, spiritual, and material resources. Get inspired from three operatic examples to make the most of your holiday season.

Inspirazione! : Techno-Singer: Music Notation Software

Are you looking for ways to transpose a favorite song that just isn’t in the right key? Or do you just need a new techno toy to occupy your time? Check out these two software programs that could save you considerable time while quenching your techno thirst.

Inspirazione! Our Other Voice : Speech and the Singer (Gossip, Criticism, Anger and Timing)

Welcome back to “Inspirazione!” We hope you enjoyed last month’s inaugural column and that you’ll stay in touch with your own inspiring experiences and techniques by e-mailing Over the coming months, Lisa will expand the column a bit to include more tips and ideas from experts such as the teacher, the coach, and the stage director of the year, so stay tuned! This month, consider how you use your instrument, specifically when you’re not singing.

Inspirazione! : Lessons of the Gold Rush Singers

Welcome to the inaugural column of “Inspirazione!” In Italian it means “inhaling” or “breathing in,” and each month this column will offer something for you to breathe in that will nourish, empower, and excite you. Topics will include books, recordings, physical techniques, the latest technology, as well as Lisa Houston’s own experiences as a working singer and voice teacher.

Before You Sing, Sit! : A Meditation Primer for Singers

Ever heard the old adage, “Singing is 99 percent thinking?” If that’s true, then how effectively a singer uses the mind can be critical—but often emotions, thoughts, worry, and stress can clutter the mind. Consider this discussion of how singers can use meditation to improve their quality of life and their singing!

One Singer’s Convention : The Ups and Downs of Competing, Performing and Studying at This Year's Classical Singer Convention

One singer’s convention began with disappointment—but by the time it was over, the lessons learned and the overall benefits far outweighed any initial heartache.