Lina C. Cotman

Lina C. Cotman

Lina C. Cotman is an associate editor for Classical Singer. She lives and works in New York City.

Catching Up with Kimberley Bentley

Where are they now? Classical Singer caught up with some old friends: Roy Stevens and Annalisa Winberg, and Karen Beardsley, from our May ‘97 issue, and Kimberley Bentley, who we last spoke with in September ‘98.

PDAs: Information PDQ

What are they? Remember Star Trek (the original), when Yeoman Rand or some other mini-skirted beauty was always handing Captain Kirk an electronic stenopad to sign? Fast forward to the

ORGANIZERS FOR THE INFORMATION AGE : Keeping Close Tabs on Your Encounter

CONTACT MANAGERS: ACT! What are they? Contact managers are essentially databases: Combination address books and personal organizers with calendars, appointment books, and to-do lists, combined with a few other timesaving

Schmooze or Lose

We know that networking is something we know we should do, but it’s hard to see where to start.Here are suggestions on how to rev up your contacts and make the most of unexpected opportunities.

First Contact

Networking for singers is a critical skill, but you won’t find it taught in conservatories. Acknowledged networking expert Donna Fisher answers 12 tough questions from the CS Forum.

Altered Faces

Depression can affect every aspect of our lives. What can we do?

City by the Bay

San Francisco is a frequent destination for auditions. This month Classical Singer debuts Singer’s City, a column that gives you the inside track to saving money, having fun and making the most of your stay.

Singing On the Edge of the Spotlight

There are a lot of alternatives open to singers besides front and center stage. One of those is singing in a professional opera chorus. Lina Cotman spoke with several Metropolitan Opera choristers to find out what they think of life upstage left.

Study Aids for Singers : Part One: Practice Perfect Opera Piano Accompaniments

Learning and perfecting roles is expensive, so it pays to be a smart consumer. Several companies now offer recordings to help singers study and save money. How useful are these study aids? Can they replace or supplement coachings? In a three part series, Classical Singer asks a panel of professional singers to use the products to study or learn roles within their own voice categories. The panel includes a young artist in a distinguished apprenticeship program; established, managed singers; and a well-established international artist. Following are their comments and ratings.