Joe Connolly

Joe Connolly

Joe Connolly has been an actor in dinner theatre, impressionist, librettist, producer of many outdoor concerts, and publicist for two separate opera companies. Currently, he enjoys being “just” a singer.

Perserverance Pays Off

With two Young Artist Programs on her résumé and a fruitful future ahead, Cheri Rose Katz was on her way to a burgeoning career. When her father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, however, her career came to a screeching halt. After caring for her father for two years, Katz found it extremely difficult to get back in the business. She almost called it quits, but one “last” audition made all the difference.

Why I Had to Get to Philadelphia : Report: Classical Singer Convention 2006

By all accounts, the Third Annual Classical Singer Convention in Philadelphia was a rousing success.
Here’s one singer’s report of his experience at the Convention, why he had to get there, and the
important things he gleaned to benefit his life and work as a singer.