Grace Cantey

Cream of the Crop : ACDA Performing Choirs 1981-1999

Where are the top university and college choirs?
We went to the American Choral Director’s Association to find out.

So How Much Are YOU Getting Paid? : Resources for the Guerrilla Temp

To conclude our series on temporary agencies, Grace Cantey discusses how your hourly wage is paid, and the going rates for some top NYC and nationwide temporary agencies. How does your agency stack up?

The Guerilla Temp : Part 2

How do singers get better temp assignments? What makes the difference between getting a call for a $25-per hour job, and a $12-per hour assignment? Knowing how a temp agency really works may take a little heat off singers and put it where it belongs–at the feet of the industry itself.

The Guerrilla Temp

Who’s a guerrilla temp? Someone who knows more than the party line we all get when we sign on with a temporary agency. Here are a few statements many of us have heard, and what they really mean.