Emily Nelson

Emily Nelson

Emily Nelson is a soprano and teacher based in Salt Lake City. She teaches voice at Westminster College and World Music and Survey of Jazz at the University of Utah. She is a founding member and executive director of Utopia Early Music. She holds degrees in vocal performance, early music, and music history from Indiana University and the University of Utah, where she recently completed her doctoral studies in voice with Julie Wright-Costa.

Necessary Art

A new opera showcases the struggles one soldier faces after returning home from many tours in Iraq. Read about one singer’s eye-opening experience watching the production at Utah Opera last spring as another production sets to open at Pittsburgh Opera in January.

Listening to the Voice Inside : Daniel Belcher

Among the many roles written for him, Daniel Belcher premiered the role of Brian Castner in Jeremy Howard Beck’s The Long Walk with Opera Saratoga and reprised the role with Utah Opera last spring. Belcher discusses what it was like developing this character and others for the first time, as well as where he sees opera going and why being true to yourself is really the most important thing of all.