Emily Brunson

Emily Brunson

Soprano Emily Brunson was senior editor for Classical Singer from 1998-99.

La Dolce Amara

Over the years, Classical Singer has brought you interviews with many of the legendary greats, such as Roberta Peters, Martina Arroyo, and Lucine Amara, who we featured in this interview reprinted from the October 1998 issue. In addition to speaking candidly about her long dispute with the Met over age discrimination and how she ultimately won, she also shares hilarious anecdotes and terrific tips for the next generation of singers.

AGMA is You!

Classical Singer talks with AGMA’s Tom Jamerson.

The Pressure Cooker : Singers at the Conservatory

Amanda West* is what you might think of as a “typical” young music student–fresh out of high school, earnest, already determined to improve her art and craft, and ambitious.

Starting Out Right : Dale Moore: What you Need to Know

What information does the new conservatory student need to have? Renowned voice professor
Dale Moore explains the rigors of the conservatory, and what young singers can expect.

BENEFIT RECITALS : Getting the Job Done

Most of us were taught that it’s rude to ask for money. But when it comes to fund raising, that belief needs to change–and Nora Sands, general director of AIMS, has been teaching singers how for many years.

GRANTS : Foundation Grants, and How to Start Looking for Them

A colleague once said to me, “I know that money doesn’t solve all of your problems.” He paused. “But it’s hard to think of any of my problems that wouldn’t be helped by a pile of money!”

Do It Yourself Opera

Some singers aren’t waiting to be hired, but are banding together to create performance opportunities. That can mean anything from a few singers hiring a pianist to perform a concert version for friends and family, to the all-out effort of putting together a viable opera company with orchestra, sets
and costumes.

Real Singers, Real Lives

It’s 7:00 a.m., and Michele McBride is already on the go. At a time when many singers are still in bed, McBride is leaving for a day that will include 140 miles of driving and at least two jobs, before coming home again late enough in the evening that sometimes she doesn’t see her children before bedtime.

A Life of Their Own : The New York Chamber Opera

A lot of singers are out there creating opportunities for themselves and others. Ben Schuman spoke with Senior Editor Emily Brunson about the brand-new company he and friends recently launched.

Winning is a Process : Stress and Competition

Dr. Donald Greene is a trained sports psychologist who has been working with performers on, among other things, competition stress. Recently CS spoke with Dr. Greene to get his input on fear of failure and expectations of success. Here are some of his remarks.

Something Ventured : Networking with Bass-Baritone Greer Grimsley

You have to believe in yourself. You must be able to say: ‘I’m worth taking the risk to contact these people. And you never know whether or not it will work.’”

Singers and Depression

Raising the subject of mental health within the vocal music community has been the equivalent of lancing a long-hidden, festering boil. It is one of the last, and perhaps the