Claudia Friedlander

Claudia Friedlander

Claudia Friedlander is a voice teacher and certified personal trainer with a studio in New York. Find her on the Web at

A Vocal Threat: Laryngeal Ossification

Mastering vocal technique involves accessing and training the individual parts of your anatomy that govern breathing, phonation, articulation, and resonance—as well as coordinating them so that they respond collectively to

An Argument against ABStinence

“I want to work out, but I’m afraid I’ll build up too much tension in my abs.” “Can I develop a six pack without screwing up my voice?” “If I

Musings on Mechanics

Any singer can tell you how important breathing is. But have you ever thought about the impact your shoulders and sternum have on a good breath? Find out how relaxing your upper body can prepare your whole body for full, deep, singer-ready breathing.

Musings on Mechanics : Food For Thought

What kind of an impact does diet have on a singer? It may be more than you realize. Have a look at the provided nutritional suggestions for cultivating the optimal vocal athlete.

Musings on Mechanics : How to Extend Your Range (of Motion)

An increased vocal range is a major aim for all singers. But with an instrument that is physically internal, it can be confusing as to how to achieve this. These principles will help you identify obstacles that may be causing limitations or impairing coordination.

Deborah Birnbaum : Breath Technician

Breathing is the foundation of all solid vocal production. Master teacher Deborah Birnbaum shares her insights on the subject while her students and colleagues share their views on her expert instruction.

Musings on Mechanics : In Praise of Articulatory Asceticism

When skills that are easy in vocalizes become difficult when singing repertoire, the problem just might be with your diction. Find out how to troubleshoot to find the real issue here.

Mentor, Muse, Mother : The Many Roles of Susan Graham

Susan Graham has been wowing audiences and garnering rave reviews for over 20 years—and the Grammy Award-winning mezzo-soprano shows no signs of slowing down. She started off 2017 singing with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and this month she debuts a new role: Mrs. De Rocher in Jake Heggie’s Dead Man Walking. Graham is no stranger to this work, of course, since Heggie wrote the main character, Sister Helen Prejean, for Graham when it debuted at San Francisco Opera in 2000. Graham discusses this new role and her new stage of life, as well as her advice for up-and-coming singers, in this exclusive interview.

Musings on Mechanics : Why Can't We all Get a Song? The Perils and Paradoxes of Auditions

Nary a singer loves to audition. And a Twitter account highlighting things “overheard” at auditions shows how they often bring out the worst in singers, even though every singer goes in hoping to show their best. Claudia Friedlander takes a look at this and other contradictions of the audition scene.

Musings on Mechanics : Running the Numbers

Discover ways to develop better technique by using athletic performance metrics.

The Power of Perseverance : Baritone Brian Mulligan

The wait required for dramatic voices to mature and come into their own can be frustrating—and nobody understands this better than Brian Mulligan. And, yet, rather than dwell on the frustration, the baritone found roles he could sing while waiting for the roles he would one day sing. That wait is over now, and Mulligan is embracing the dramatic baritone repertoire door opening before him.

Musings on Mechanics : Adding Cardio to the Curriculum

Since your body is your instrument, it’s important that it be in its optimal condition. Physical fitness specific to a singer’s individual needs will ensure that the voice functions its best and is free from any restrictions.