Anthony Jahn, M.D.

Anthony Jahn, M.D.

Anthony Jahn M.D., noted author and professor of clinical otolaryngology at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, has offices in New York and is a noted author of The Care of the Professional Voice. For more resources, go to his website

Alternative Medicine and the Singer

Dear Dr. Jahn: I have noticed that many of my singer friends do not trust conventional medicine; myself included! We need good health to perform and we are willing to

Unexplained Hoarseness

“Dear Dr. Jahn: My doctor says my larynx is normal, but I’m still slightly hoarse. What is going on?” This is a frustrating, and not infrequent, occurrence. The voice is

Nasal Surgery for Singers

We have received numerous questions about the effects of nasal surgery on the voice. Is such surgery beneficial? Does the voice change? Should nasal surgery be performed in the hopes of improving resonance?

Relieve Pain Safely! : Dr. Jahn Tells How

In answer to numerous requests, TNYON begins a series dealing with common medications and their effects on the singing voice. These columns will appear intermittently throughout the year.