Working with Agents : 7 Agencies and Companies to Consider

As a singer, it’s important to promote yourself in a variety of ways, one being working closely with an agent to help get you consistent gigs. It can be difficult to decide what agency or company to work with, and there are many factors that come into play when determining which ones out there are your best options. 

Ultimately you would want to choose a company that will have your best interests in mind, not just how to or what will bring money in. There are also different agencies to consider depending on what type of music or genre that you sing as well.

One of the great things that these companies can do for you is to help the artist create their own brand and receive more exposure by means of management, marketing, social media, and more. They help you as an aspiring artist to create and produce your own music as well. Singers should consider this since it is important to establish yourself for your eventual following.

Here are some different agencies and companies that you can look into:

Paradigm Talent Agency

This agency is represented over many large cities across the United States, and even have locations in Canada and Europe as well.  having represented some big names such as Shawn Mendez and Imagine Dragons. They specialize in helping to make your original songs become true chart-toppers. 


Marmoset, a music licensing agency offers both production and licensing opportunities for singers. You can produce and work with their in-house production team to write, arrange, and record your own music that can then be purchased for licensed use – allowing your voice to be used and heard by companies across the globe. Anything you have previously written or recorded can also be submitted for consideration and use in their library. Even if you haven’t written anything and don’t think you know what you would write to sing to, you can offer your services as a singer and collaborate with their team to put down vocals for the custom tracks they create for brands or companies to use.


Maybe you already have songs you have written and you want to promote them on your social media or video channel – you need to have some original background music for the parts where you speak, or if you’re promoting something (intros/outros). Enter Artlist. They have music that you can specifically use within videos and films, and any song you download you can use for a lifetime. It’s very helpful for audition videos, and new music is added daily to help inspire you.

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Cinematic Music Group

If you’re a singer who’s more into doing live performances, you should consider working with the Cinematic Music Group. Live performances are their specialty, and they know just how to plan and execute for success. They are there to help remedy all of those little things that can (and probably will) go wrong during a live performance, such as sound or lighting issues.

The Feldman Agency (TFA)

This is one of the oldest talent agencies out there, and this agency, in particular, has a wealth of experience in a number of client services. Artist representation, talent, booking, and event services are only some of their expertise. They even provide what they call “entertainment counseling”, so this would be a great route to take if you truly need help navigating how to become the singer you want to be. They have worked with both Rush and Michael Buble, so they encompass a wide range of talent and diverse genres.

Silverback Music Management

This company actually has a focus on independent and indie artists in genres including improvisational rock, psychedelic blues, punk rock, dub reggae, and soul. Their mission is to create more “genre-bending” music, and they assist with recording, performance, and serious touring. They love to work with artists who have creative vision and vibe, working closely with you to achieve your biggest and most innovative goals as a singer. 

Red Light Management

This agency actually began by helping a very well-known Dave Matthews Band grow from local club to infamous success. Known as an independent music management company, their mission is to develop not just a great brand, but a long-lasting legacy for their artists. They like to cultivate and influence growth and improvement throughout the process to that your singing never “gets old” and you put your own stamp in the music business for years to come.

There are many management companies and licensing agencies that you can work with, these are just a few that really have stood out over the years, committed to truly develop your style, sense, and name as a performer. 

Donna Maurer

Donna has had a love for music since elementary school when she took her first piano lesson. Having tried her hand at numerous instruments, she now spends her time writing about music, the music industry, and teaching lessons in NYC. She is a contributor on multiple music blogs and loves sharing helpful information for her fellow musicians and music lovers.