Online Alternatives: Teaching and Singing During the Coronavirus Crisis

These are unknown and somewhat scary times right now. The coronavirus has created a lot of uncertainty in our community and while we don’t have all the answers individually, we can collectively help each other. So we put together a collection of articles and resources that can be of help to you during the upcoming days and weeks ahead.


Voice teachers can offer lessons from different locations using technology and the advantages and challenges that come along with the situation. Look for great options on how to address sound and video imperfections and what voice students and teachers alike need to be aware of while first attempting this process.


Browning interviewed voice teachers about how they run lessons remotely. He discusses what has worked for these teachers, what limitations they found, and the adjustments made in order to accommodate the limitations they’d been presented with.. He also mentions at the end of the article about – a platform that was created specifically for the purpose of holding voice lessons online.

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If you are a student looking for some great options for singing on your own while your voice teacher might not be available, check out this great article and all of the resources it has to offer. There are multiple links to exercises and tips on making forward progress.


If you’re from a small town, you know all about not being in close proximity to things many in large cities take for granted. This story is a great example of what one singer did to make distance less of a burden and technology the star of her success.

Here’s a list of fantastic resources available online and on your phone that can allow you to work on your art in a way that you’ve perhaps not done previous to now. Take advantage of the solitude and find joy in this unique situation.


Here’s one option to offer your students taking online voice lessons—the popular accompaniment app called Appcompanist. For voice teachers, Appcompanist facilitates online teaching by giving students the ability to truly accompany themselves on their end of a FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype lesson.


And a final thought. Let’s remain positive and supportive of one another. Our community is important to this world. Storytelling has always had a place in society and will continue to do so. Here are a few thoughts to remind yourself that where you are today can be appreciated and how you can set your passion for your future.


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