Program Spotlight: Camerata Bardi International Vocal Academy – Teatro Grattacielo’s Young Artist Program

Program Spotlight: Camerata Bardi International Vocal Academy – Teatro Grattacielo’s Young Artist Program

For over two decades, Teatro Grataciello has been an integral part of New York City’s cultural life, specializing in promoting rare gems of the Italian operatic repertoire and introducing opera to new audiences. Its commitment to the operatic art includes the nurturing of young talents—the voices of the future—through its young artist program, Camerata Bardi. Stefanos Koroneos, Artistic and General Director of Teatro Grattacielo, introduces this program to our readers.

Please describe the mission and overall vision of Camerata Bardi International Vocal Academy. 

The initiatives of Camerata Bardi International Academy carve out a dynamic space wherein aspiring young artists can immerse themselves in a comprehensive and integrated experience of the professional stage. The fast-paced and sometimes daunting environment of the performing arts world is transformed into a nurturing ground for emerging talents. Tailored as a boutique program, it is meticulously crafted for young singers who have either completed their studies or are in the final stages, seeking opportunities to transition into their professional careers.


This program aims to fill the gaps left by traditional educational settings, offering young singers an exposure to aspects often overlooked in academic environments. The goal is to provide a holistic perspective on what it truly means to be part of a professional operatic production. Through Camerata Bardi International Academy’s initiatives, participants are not only prepared vocally but are also equipped with the practical insights and experiences essential for a successful journey into the professional world of opera.

While this is a pay-to-sing program, you offer a generous amount of scholarships. Please tell us about the support that young singers can obtain when accepted in the program.

Absolutely, that’s accurate. It’s important to clarify upfront that the tuition requested from participants exclusively covers the initial segment—Stage One – Lyric Laboratory—of the Academy, encompassing lessons, masterclasses, and similar elements. The comprehensive expenses associated with production and orchestra are borne by Teatro Grattacielo or our collaborating companies. Simultaneously, I’m actively engaged in partnering with various sponsors to secure scholarships, whether full or partial. This endeavor is driven by our recognition of the financial challenges that emerging artists often face post-education. I aspire to see the program evolve to a point where it becomes entirely accessible without any financial constraints for all young singers.

What would you say makes this program unique? How does it help develop and set the path for a young singer’s career?

The Camerata Bardi International Academy is dedicated to cultivating the holistic development of aspiring young singers through a comprehensive approach that encompasses crucial elements for success. Our program prioritizes the adept use of language as a powerful tool for nuanced musical expression. We emphasize the significance of social awareness, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping well-rounded young singers who engage meaningfully with their audiences. Additionally, our curriculum underscores the importance of self-management and the cultivation of correct professional presentation, equipping participants with essential skills for a flourishing career in the competitive world of music.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond theoretical learning to provide a hands-on, immersive experience in the realm of professional production. Participants gain invaluable insights and skills through participation in every stage of a production, from musical and staging rehearsals to actual performances in esteemed venues. Collaborations with prestigious companies not only offer a platform for showcasing talent but also serve as a dynamic space for self-discovery, allowing participants to identify areas for improvement and growth.


When are the auditions for the program? 

We conduct auditions throughout the year, consistently seeking to identify and nurture talented opera singers. We are specifically searching for individuals with a foundational understanding of vocal technique, coupled with a strong willingness to dedicate themselves to honing their skills to a professional level. To apply, please go to this information page on our website and scroll down to the application questionnaire.

I take great pride in the remarkable outcomes we’ve achieved. Numerous past participants have not only met but exceeded our expectations, securing roles with prestigious companies worldwide based on the skills we helped them develop on the roles that we assigned them! This achievement brings me immense joy, knowing that our efforts contribute to the success of these talented singers on the global stage. In 2024 we are casting all roles of Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’amore—we have several performances in the US and Europe—and Flagello’s Beyond the Horizon.

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