Alive & Kicking: American Opera “Legendary”

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CS Music has partnered with Jessica Fishenfeld to spotlight her creative efforts to make opera more accessible for a new generation of music lovers.

This light-hearted series gives you a short introduction to an exciting new American Opera each month, in under 5 minutes! The series highlights operas relevant to our modern times, and connects up-and-coming composers with the modern American public they’re writing for. As opera has entered into the fast-paced modern world, these American works are much more accessible and relatable, leaving behind airs of elitism from centuries’ past. Written in English and drawing on modern topics and ideas, American Opera is intended to be enjoyed and understood by people of all ages, colors, cultures, shapes, and sizes!

Alive & Kicking is here to show you that opera is a growing and changing art form, and its creators are telling your stories!


Episode 2: Legendary

This month, Alive & Kicking presents “Legendary” by Joseph Rubinstein and Jason Kim. “Legendary” is based on the true story of a famous NYC drag queen in the 1980s named Dorian Cory, reimagined by Kim and Rubinstein as “Dee Legendary.” This dramatization delves into Dee’s relationship with her community as well as with a closeted queer policeman. Kim’s nuanced libretto and Rubinstein’s melodic, rhythmic score paint this beautiful and tragic story with great complexity, truth, and humanity. We can’t wait to see the full production!


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