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The Singer’s Library – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Previous books from the So You Want to Sing series that have been featured in this column have covered genres ranging from jazz to country to sacred music. The already

Health Tip – Vocal Over Doer Syndrome

There is a phenomenon known in laryngologist’s offices known as Vocal Over Doer Syndrome.  What is it and how do we manage or eradicate the symptoms if you fit this

It’s All About HOW You Practice

It’s incredibly common to hear the phrase “practice makes perfect,” but did you know there’s better and worse ways to practice? Whether you’ve been singing all your life, or are

The Dilemma For Cross Over Singers – Part 2

A continuation of a typical story from the studio of someone who works with nonclassical singers. The First Step Well, what does one do? The first step in this process

The Dilemma For Cross Over Singers – Part 1

A sad, but typical story from the studio of someone who works with nonclassical singers—part one of two. A woman, somewhere between the ages of 25 to 30, comes into

De-stress Your Holidays

We’re in the official slide into the season. For many, it’s downhill. There are all the usual issues: we over-indulge, we over-spend, and we don’t get enough sleep or exercise. As we head towards

How Daily Habits Make A Better Singer

Recently I came across an article online that talked about successful people and some of the things they have going for them.  One thing that stood out among them was

New "Voice Messages" Documentary

Emmy Award winning Producer/Director Martin Zied was only 8 years old, when an event at school made him cry. But it wasn’t bullying or being disciplined by an angry teacher

Refuse to Be Afraid

By Carol Kirkpatrick, author of ARIA READY, The Business of Singing “It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless.” Casanova Here is a great story

VOCAL FOLD PROBLEMS: Don’t Automatically Blame Technique

Written by Matthew Edwards Meghan Trainor is the most recent of several high profile performers who has had to cancel performances due to a vocal fold hemorrhage. Some voice teachers

Meditation and Singing

By Susan Brownfield Meditation is a practice that has been in existence since before the recording of history. Its origins go back to mainly religious contexts, but it has gained

Need Energy to Sing? Stop Counting Calories

By Susan Brownfield For decades, common nutrition advice has told us that “a calorie is simply a calorie.” We have been told that in order for us to maintain a

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