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Give Up the Fixed

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery People with a fixed mindset think their talents and intelligence are simply

Influencers of Singing: Interview with David Evans

Mark Stoddard: Welcome to our fourth podcast of influencers of music in the CS Music world. Our guest today is David Evans. I’m going to let him tell us a

How You Do What You Do Matters!

First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” Charles C. Nobel Imagine your brain is a garden, except instead of growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables, you grow synaptic

Opera in China? You Bet!

Our bus made a sharp U-turn at the intersection and made it’s way up a steep, narrow street to the tall, handsome marble gateway telling us we had arrived at

Influencers of Singing: Interview with Darin Adams

Mark Stoddard: Well, good day. It’s now time for our podcast of the Influencers of Professional Music and Theater. I’m Mark Stoddard, marketing and media consultant to CS Music and

Professor Diva : Deborah Voigt Hits a New Stride as Mentor

Superstar soprano Deborah Voigt is taking charge of life beyond the stage in a commanding way. A biography, a one-woman show, a teaching fellowship at the University of Notre Dame, artistic advisor of Vero Beach Opera with a competition named after her—and all while finishing up her first two years as a full-time professor at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The singer has hardly been resting on her laurels. Join Voigt as she shares her energy and wisdom this month at the Classical Singer Convention in Boston.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : The Hills Are Alive with Soprano Annie Sherman

One soprano shows that you never know what’s around the next corner in this industry and how preparation is a singer’s most valuable tool.

Getting In

Knowing how to make a lasting impression at your college audition or a competition like the one CS hosts in Boston this month can at best seem illusive and at worst impossible. But it might actually be simpler than you think.

Taking a Closer Look at ‘Vanity Companies’

The world of opera is becoming ever more innovative as it adapts to changing audiences, competition for the entertainment and donation dollar, and the way people consume art. Singers have responded to these challenges as well, creating work for themselves and their colleagues through startup opera companies. A few years ago, Cindy Sadler wrote about a number of these small organizations on her blog, including one of the most successful: Boston Opera Collaborative. With the Classical Singer Convention headed to the historic city this year, we’re revisiting the article and checking in with these singer-led ventures.

A Singer’s Walk Through Boston

As you prepare for the classes, competition, and feedback at the CS Music Convention, make sure to take some time to see much of what Beantown offers with these helpful suggestions.

Notes From the Field : Let’s Discuss Lanes

Understand your assets, recharge when needed, and find joy in all the twists and turns as you navigate a very unpredictable career.

Preparing for Your Summer Program

Confused about the logistics of summer programs? What to wear? Flights? Weather? Repertoire? Or which program will best suite your needs? Find answers here from participants in some of last year’s summer programs.