Joseph Cianciulli

Academy of Voice, Piano and Speech

Philadelphia , PA, USA

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Young Artist/Emerging Pro
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Joseph Cianciulli earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in both Vocal Performance and Concert Piano from Temple University. Mr. Cianciulli continued his vocal education under the direction of voice builder and protege to the Lotte Lehmann, Roz M. Evans, Nathanial Stuart, Dr. Barbara Mathis, and John C. Wicox vocal lineage, Daniel E. Montes. It was during this study that Mr. Cianciulli earned a Certificate of Speech Language Pathology from West Chester University. Furthermore, Mr. Cianciulli was instructed in a unique approach to stutter and stroke therapy through his work with Mr. Montes in functional voice therapy and postural analysis. Joseph continues his intensive study of methodology under the direction of Mr. Montes in hopes of preserving the lost art of voice building through his own teaching here in Philadelphia, Pa and the surrounding area. Sign up now for piano and voice lessons/ piano and vocal lessons!