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Lenox , MA, USA

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My philosophy of singing is a simple one. Singing is an extension of speaking, sustained, courageous speaking. Basically, I tell my students if you breathe naturally, give yourself permission to be heard, and mean what you say, you are already well on your way to your success.

There are as many singing techniques out there as there are singers. And a lot of them work for some people. And I’m all for whatever works. But I believe in the natural, organic production that each of us uses every single day to breathe and to emit sound. I know it to be the most effective and most glorious manner to communicate with song.

Singing, especially classical and operatic singing, is a full body sport. Anyone who can sing over a 120 piece orchestra in an arena or theater of up to 4000 people, without amplification, is an athlete. And like athletes, singers must be aware of and in control of their body, and then sing with their entire body, not just their vocal cords.

All physical disciplines begin with the core, and singing is no different. Natural breathing is key along with posture, a consistent actively moving support, from the core, using the body‘s natural amplification system of the facial mask, and natural pronunciation. Singing should not feel tense, or difficult, or effortful. In fact, when it is correct, and you are using your body as it is meant to be used, it feels magically easy.

And that is your sign you are on the right path. It should feel organically and quintessentially right and empowering. And when you have that kind of ease in your singing, you are free to act, express, and be the storyteller you want to be.

I believe that any good teacher is going to remind students what their body already knows, and knew the moment they were born. We come into the world with perfect projection and no limitation on the breath we take in or the sound we make. And then grown-ups tell us to use our inside voice, and the confusion begins. I help singers find their way back to an organic and natural way of communicating and expressing. Many singers interpret operatic performing as having to put on another face, and add layers to become someone other than or more than who they are themselves. In fact, the opposite is true, in opera and all art forms. As performers, we must take off all of the masks and all of the unnecessary layers, and be wholly and completely ourselves. One of my mantras for all of my students is this: You Are Enough. You are enough, just as you are, and it is you we want to see and hear.

Be all of who you can be. Get to know your body and make friends with it. Breathe in, ground yourself like the roots of a great tree, and send your words out on the wings of your breath.