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Since 1995, after finishing the Metropolitan Opera’s Young Artist Development program, Heidi Skok began to teach singers under "Skokstudio" in Manhattan, New York, following the principles of the esteemed Germanic soprano and voice teacher of the late 19th, early 20th century, Lilli Lehmann. Heidi has demonstrated countless results implementing Lilli’s ideas found in her seminal work "How to Sing" first published in 1905 by MacMillan & Co, which now lies in the public domain for all to enjoy.

Heidi has incorporated this methodology in her own vocal program, the REST™ Vocal Technique. Heidi is well known for her work helping singers to find their voices and to be able to produce healthy and wonderful sounds in the correct vocal range. She has helped singers move clear from vocal nodules, with deep experience drawn from having switched vocal realms herself and from having overcome vocal nodules from years of singing too high for her own range.

Heidi Skok sang at the Metropolitan Opera from 1991-2003 in secondary soprano parts, under the baton of some of the world’s greatest conductors and was well-liked for her ability to make great sounds, always being musically prepared and a kind colleague to all. Heidi Skok has also sung several concerts in some great concert halls including Carnegie Hall in NYC, Jordan Hall in Boston and The 92nd Street Y in NYC. She has also sung concerts in Israel, Argentina, Uruguay, Austria and Italy. Heidi is a recipient to many awards including The Metropolitan Opera’s National Council auditions, (regional) The Sullivan Award from Opera America, Opera Index and The Center for Contemporary Opera, all achieved singing as a soprano. She has also recorded for the Newport Classic Label, Women’s Voices and Songs of Martin Hennessy which can be found online and on Amazon.

In 2007, Heidi realized she needed to return to her starting roots as a mezzo and she made her vocal switch which ended all vocal problems and brought a return to pop music for her as well. Then, in mid 2020, Heidi found her strongest, true voice to be even lower, and began to train with contralto classical repertoire. Today Ms. Skok not only sings pop and accompanies herself on the piano, she also continues to sing Classical, now finally as a contralto.

Ms. Skok prepares singers to be able to sing ALL genres and helps the singer understand and grasp their voice to the fullest by applying her REST™ Vocal Technique and by teaching positive motivational mindset for singers. Heidi Skok embraces the work and welcomes you on your vocal journey! Find out more about Heidi Skok's REST™ Vocal Technique at https://skokstudio.org/lessons#rest .

Heidi teaches vocal lessons online and in-person at her Cleveland area (Mentor), Ohio studio. Find out more about Skokstudio's lessons, online Masterclasses, Classes, and Professional Vocalist Consultation services at https://skokstudio.org/. Heidi is currently accepting appointments for new students at https://skokstudio.org/new-student .