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Silver Spring , MD, USA

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I am so glad you are here. My name is Allison Mondel, and I am a Transformational Voice Coach and founder of The Sacred Voice Studio.

It is my honor to help others discover their innate sacred voice, and transform their singing and their lives. As a classically-trained, working musician, I embrace a holistic and spiritually-based voice practice with a focus on emotional wellness. I truly believe in every person’s inherent worthiness and innate potential to use their sacred voice.

The Sacred Voice Studio is a container that supports an entire person as they develop their voice. Its special focus is activating a spiritual connection, as well as cultivating emotional wellness as a singer develops their vocal technique and artistry.

The Studio serves people at their respective level of vocal development, all with the same aim: to cultivate worthiness, trust, and individual purpose on the pathway to vocal discovery. Clients range from voice novices to emerging and professional singers, all who actively seek to shift the way they relate to their voice, and how they achieve the results they desire for their singing.

Following decades of classical voice training and professional work, I have developed a unique framework that realigns the way singers connect with their voice and pursue vocal excellence. This framework is centered upon the concept of the “sacred voice,” in which the singing voice is conceived as an expression of the divine essence within each individual.


The Studio attracts students who are eager to move boldly into a new relationship with their voice. In this new chapter, singers embrace the sacred nature of their voice, remove their inhibitions, and uncover the deeper purpose for their voice.

My clients include:

+ New singers who feel called to activate their voice

+ Avocational singers who want to enrich and refine their music-making

+ Emerging professional singers who seek clarity, guidance, and groundedness on their pathway

+ Professional singers who desire to live into their purpose

At any level of development, every singer has a desire to understand, access, and learn how to become a conduit for their voice.

My experience, expertise, conceptual framework, intuitive guidance, and compassion support all members of the Sacred Voice community wherever they are on their voice journey. I want to help you make important shifts in your singing, understand the nature of your voice, and help you channel your spirit through your voice.

Join me in The Studio. Bring your vision and your desire, and let’s get right to it!


In addition to her work as a Transformational Voice Coach, Allison Mondel is a highly versatile Teaching Artist. Her performance has been lauded by The Washington Post for her “ethereal soprano” and “spare, otherworldly radiance… a performance from across the centuries, full of distant and irresistible beauties.”

She received her M.M. in Early Music Vocal Performance from the Longy School of Music (Cambridge, MA) where she studied with Laurie Monahan (Tapestry, Ensemble P.A.N., Sequentia) and was introduced to a revolutionary approach of music-making. She discovered a new love and inspiration: medieval music.

Allison is co-founder and director of award-winning Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music. She has directed Eya since its inception in 2010, crafting programs representative of her artistic vision: to marry art (old and new) with spirituality. Eya has performed at many distinguished venues including the National Gallery of Art, The Music Center at Strathmore, Washington National Cathedral, and Dumbarton Oaks, as well as performances and workshops at numerous colleges, universities, and concert series across the United States.

The ensemble has recently collaborated with The Amra Project (based at Trinity College Dublin) as its sole U.S. partner, presenting rare medieval Irish music dedicated to Irish saints, most recently at Georgetown University. Eya has been featured on Voice of America radio and NPR (Millennium of Music, Harmonia Early Music), and is the recipient of the 2013 Greater DC Choral Excellence Award for “Best Specialty Group: Early Music.” They have two recordings, including the US-premiere of The Three Marys (2018).

Allison is a notation and performance specialist of the chants of Hildegard von Bingen. She had the honor of singing Hildegard’s music at President Obama’s second Inaugural Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral. She has offered workshops, classes, and lectures on Hildegard’s unique body of work and other diverse early music repertories throughout the east coast, midwest, and Ireland.

In addition to her medieval performance and scholarship, she has also performed at the Boston Early Music Festival, Washington National Cathedral, Dumbarton Oaks, Irish World Academy at the University of Limerick, American University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, and others.

Her most meaningful work has been in the teaching studio. She is excited to work with singers who seek to deepen and transform their relationship with their voice. She has taught singing for almost 20 years, including at Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and her own private studio, and has taught classes and workshops on early music throughout the United States and Ireland.